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  1. thank you for the link. i will look more into them this weekend. its all parking lot maintenance lol.
  2. i Just bought a 260z datsun with a new motor and tranny. Brakes are soft and it takes a long time to stop. every time i hit the brakes my rpm goes up so i am assuming some seals in my brake booster are leaking causing a vacuum leak. so i will need a new brake booster. i checked all break lines. no leaks and fluid is topped off.
  3. I need some help. I have fiddled with cars for the past 5 years but it has mostly been on newer models, like jeeps and broncos. mostly suspension and body work. i recently bought a 260z. it runs and drives fine but it smells really rich driving down the road. it doesn't bog down or loose power at any rpm. i never really messed with carbs before. i Have a haynes manual and i tried fiddling with the air fuel mixture screws but it didn't really do much. I like to think if i tuned it right i can get some more power out of it. also i wont be choking on fumes. Side note i bought it in colorado and brought it back to new mexico. should i re-jet it? if so it didn't tell me how. Any other sources i can look into for Carb adjustments. (also i do know about the exhaust leak)
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