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  1. Rays TE37V 15 x 7.5 +6 offset and Enkei Compe 15 x 8 0 offset
  2. Jack, There are several companies around that restore dashes, such as Dashboardresorations in Queensland(http://www.dashboardrestorations.com.au/index.htm) or Dept of the Interior at Carlton (http://www.consoles.com/). There was another company called Restoradash at Milperra, however I am not sure if they are still operating. Hope this helps. Geoff
  3. Brett, You have obviously had a night out on the drink and are not thinking straight. I know its not the same now that the C6 has arrived, but you will get used to it!!! What about those plans for the track???? geoff
  4. Some of you may not have seen this Z hillclimber from Switzerland. The car sounds good, pity about the ending though.
  5. g260

    '07 Nationals

    Richard, I am led to believe there is a very strong possibility that the Nationals next year will be at PI.
  6. The car belongs to the Pres of the NDSOC in Melbourne.
  7. Hey Guus, Good to see the Datsuns are again leading the EASF. The Collinge car is once again prepared by Aussie Stewart Wilkins of Sydney who is over there as service crew. The Alexander/Stewart 260Z, another Aussie entry from Melbourne, is also going well and has been in the top 10 since the start. Pity that Juha had to retire after his co driver took ill, he seemed to be on a charge after suffering multiple punctures early in the rally. As for the Coads in their Holden Torana, after seeming to spend a fortune in getting the car ready, they are probably now wishing they were in a Datsun!!!
  8. Rick, Thanks for the response, I have sent you a PM. Geoff
  9. Whilst I believe it is important to set the record straight with regards to the Goertz myth with Z cars when it becomes apparent, at the same time I don't believe we should get too carried away. The ACC, whilst being a magazine that has probably run more stories on British, European and US cars than Japanese over the years, has shown a keen interest in Z cars and has readily accepted and run reports with regards to events such as the Z Nationals and annual club concours. To have a Z on the cover is testament to the time and effort that James put into his restoration as this is only the second occasion that a Japanese car has featured on the cover of ACC. Whilst I believe that the people contributing to this discussion are well meaning and I respect their right to comment and certainly don't wish to wrongly criticise them, I believe we should be careful that this discussion doesn't end up an ACC bashing exercise which may do more harm than good. ACC is a widely distributed mag and in my opinion the cover story can do nothing but bring extra recognition to the marque that we all greatly appreciate and enjoy. Regards, Geoff
  10. Hey Gav, Do you happen to know what the free height of the King springs were and do you know the rating? Also, were they progressive on the front and linear on the rear. Just trying to compare with a set that were on a car I purchased. Cheers, Geoff
  11. Never argue with an idiot, they drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience
  12. Hey Halz, I'm not trying to hijack your post, but thought I would also chime in and let Sydney based people know that the Sydney Z Club is holding their annual Concours also this Sunday the 18th September at Gannons Park, Lugarno which is on the corner of Forest Road and Isaac Street, Peakhurst. The day is part of the annual Lugarno Lions Club Spring Fair and features food stalls and entertainment as well as approximately 400 classic cars and some 150 classic and vintage motorcycles. There should be at least 30 zeds on display.
  13. I think the cost when I bought mine was around $250-$280 for the pair including freight to Sydney.
  14. I bought a set from Datrally in Melbourne a year or so ago. They were in Cheltenham and I think they may have changed their name now. I believe they are called Powerplay Automotive, not sure whether they still sell the same stuff. The address was 10 Charlton Avenue, phone 03 9584 7373.
  15. If you look at the attached link and go to the post by 'waynekarnes' it may give you the dimensions you are after. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=94050&highlight=toyota+calipers+rotors At the same time I don't know of anyone in Aus who makes the spacers however I am sure if you found an engineering workshop or fitter and machinist and gave them the dimensions they could turn them up for you. I am not sure whether you realise, that if you didn't want to use the 300ZX vented rotors with a spacer, you can use ones of a TP Magna or a 504/5 Peugeot and have the centres turned out to 81mm and the four holes drilled to suit the 260 hub. They have the correct height so that you don't need a spacer as you would with a 240 hub. That is using the Toyota S12+8 calipers, which I believe here comes off a Toyota Landcruiser possibly FJ60 series. I am by no means an expert, but believe this info to be close to the mark. I am sure I will be corrected if there are some inaccuracies.
  16. Richard, Thanks for the compliment. We tried to ensure that everyone had an enjoyable and fun weekend. Unfortunately, with all the running around I didn't get a chance to speak to many people or look at their cars. 2007 will be better as I can just go to Victoria and enjoy the event. I am waiting for the times from Wakefield and as soon as I get them I will post them up. Everyone who had a run on the day will get an overall time sheet as well as a full list of their individual runs. The fastest car on the day was a very trick 300ZX from Unique Auto Sports, which was in the 1.09's I hope your engine is back together soon Steve. Good to meet you Gav, keep up the good work with the VicZ Car site. Regards, Geoff
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