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  1. I have a 73 240 in Salt Lake that I might part with? It's been sitting inside my shop for 7-8 years just collecting dust....I haven't found the time to start on it. Not much rust (i got it from vegas) most of it's there, missing center console and radio.
  2. Oleo1975

    Fully Loaded

    ....left rutter , check
  3. Oleo1975


    Anyone tell what is under the hood? Doesn't look like a straight 6??
  4. Oleo1975

    240z by Miya

    WOW super clean bay. LOVE the look
  5. I wonder if they will throw in the carpet with the car :classic:
  6. What about a 82 280 zx?? anybody know what block/head that is? And what it's strong/weak points are?
  7. I have been looking around for a motor to rebuild for my 240. After all the looking around I have found a 78 280 motor for $400. Is this what i should expect to pay?
  8. This still available? If so How Much what condition?
  9. Mike I was just wondering ---can we add a model into that thong?
  10. Paint job looks fantastic yes the wing and tail lights are not needed. I like the Porche look.
  11. I have a 73 240z that I bought 4-5 years ago and decided to dig in this weekend. I have been waiting all week for the weekend to get started and I lay there in bed like a kid on Cristmas eve and can't take it any more---so down to the office I wander and surf all the various web sites. Hats off to Kyle for an excelent job on the site (what ever happed to the Volvo?) But now I have two questions. #1 Are automatics a bad thing? I see so many builds out there and all are 4-5 speed. Should I now go on a quest in search of a stick? I understand the "it's a sports car" and things of that nature but just wondering if there are some defects there? #2 All built engines that I have seen seem to be L28/88 combo. Is this the best way to go and am I throwing good money in a bad spot going for some performance with the factory installed set-up? Thanks all for your help.
  12. DRAT!!! I knew it was too good to be true---maybe we need to just stay under the $5000 mark:rolleyes: Or better yet just plan on keeping the car Thanks Kyle, guess this is good advise---even from someone that didi buy a Volvo.
  13. I used to be in to Mini-trucks---no not a real "g-ride" but something to play with and turn some heads. I lost my @$$ when I sold and will probably do the same if I don't keep this for ever; I said that about the truck and it lasted 4 years. But with the 240 I have discovered something. Your best bet is buy the cheapest car out there and then donate it to kidney foundation or someting simmilar. For your write off you print the NADA price(which I think is based on the resoration movement) of $13000!!!! Not money in the bank----but money from uncle sam Matt IZCC #11660 73 240z (just getting started)
  14. first I would say what ever someone would pay for it--second details might be helpful---I have a car want to buy it. Mileage, condition are HUGE factors.
  15. Your sitting on the the wrong side of the car. What did that mod cost you?? --good pic I also lookforward to someday having my 73 running and racing around.
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