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  1. what about Norway? i think, and i will check later. that Nissan norway imported and sold 37 240z from 71 til 73. and in my garage i have 3 1974 260z 2 seaters which have been in line on production. i also have a 1972 FAIRLADY Z, it was bought new in tokyo by a Norwegian busness man, and did bring it home to norway after. now its restored and iam finishing the last things this winter. i will check and see waht i can find out from the papers i have from nissan norway. best regards jan
  2. this spoiler was made in 1990, and its the best looking " styling " (if we can use that word) then, and i think still is. But today i would not put that on a 240z, after put a LOT of different spoilers, wheels ect since i bougt it in 1986, i have come back to the "orginal" design is best. I never get tired to look at my 240z`s . and its design really really shines when you look at it when its parked next to my 911-67, bmw 3.0csi, 2000 sport.280zx turbo ect.And its far the best car to drive of those to. this foto is one of my favorite, its a 1970 240z, and its the first car i restored in my restoration shop in vilnius.(anyone know where that is?) i made new leather interior, dash,all panels,centerconsolle, all was black leather. doortrim i choose the 260z design. steering wheel, i made a tad thicker and covered with leather so it looks like the factory sport steering wheels. ( we have made some monte calro replica rally cars) it was lowered, koni ect,7" +14"orginal nissan motorsport Minilite wheels, period recaro seats, rebello engine with su carbs ect...well who need more? ok, you get better grip and handling with bigger/low profile tires,(been there done that..) but you dont get the same driving pleasure,and you dont need so high speed to get to the limits for you and the car. and the good thing this car you can come to classic car show to, park it next to a 911, or ferrari and it will fit right in.
  3. so all we read on the net is the "truth"?
  4. here is the other design from thomas alsterfalk in sweden
  5. well... I KNOW that the 240z would not have the timeless design it have , if it was not for Goertz input. Goertz did show big intrest in my turbo set-up,( cartech triple carb) and the sound of the car, i remember he sat inside my car and blip the trottle with a big grin. maybe i post some fotos of him later, i need do some "arcive" digging:) Any way that discusion belongssome place else.
  6. yes its from Dave, he bought some from me some years ago. they are made by Thomas Alsterfalk in sweden. there is also another variant, who is aproved by the designer Albrecht Goertz...that i have in wriing from him:)
  7. hi! "my " rally car was 5 in class, and is one piece;)
  8. hi! iam now in full prosess to build a rally 240z for a client who will enter 2005 rally monte carlo. engine and gear, will for now be standard. I would be tankfull for info about make the chassi stronger, spring rates ect.. And yes it will be a works replica;) I have now 400kvm restoration workshop in Vilnius Lituania,I started this after i had to many cars ... but so little time. now i still have many cars but now they finnaly gets ready. Thomas; thanks for all the info and pictures you have posted. I was admiring your ZG many years ago, when our mutal friend drove it on the international meeting in UK. thanks jan
  9. hi the seller in sweden is friend of mine, if you se my pic of the red 240z titled jan krakevik ride on the galleries, the same man designed and made that front and rear bumber. He had some plans for the car, lets say its MAYBE better you Symon takes over the car;))) jan
  10. datsun-sports

    sparkling zzz

    this is some 240z we restore now in Vilnius Lithuania
  11. datsun-sports

    fast 240z

    this is a 240z with stock 280zx turbo motor. typical fast norwegian 240z;))
  12. restored by jan car factory in Vilnius Lithuania. bought from riverside california 3years ago
  13. the engine is a vg3DETT, but he made his own manifoild and put ONE big turbo instead of the 2 small one. i see if i can find more pictures of it, it was "mustard color" before.
  14. hi this 240z is a 1970 , from arizona. chassi nr 2007. I imported it in 2000, and the owner now is Jon-Einar Heagset. Under the skin is mod suspention, big- brakes front and rear. engine produses 548hk, He have dynoed it... Now is the plan to put the mappable egnine managemet on it next winter.... It very fast...... well in short just a normal z from norway;))
  15. they are not minilite wheels, some american copies I guess. this have minilite wheels
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