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Pricing on a 280 z motor


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I cant help with the numbers on the motor and head combos. Try looking back in the posts with the search.

With putting a price on a used motor there are so many factors it not funny. You said (I have been looking around for a motor to rebuild ) Then I would say 400 is high but not out of range.

There are alot of whole cars that can be had for less. I would say go for a whole car and pull what you want then sell it back to a boneyard. You could find yourself ahead alittle money. If you find a zx as a whole then you can pull the fuel injection and computer along with the 5 speed. You may not want all of this but someone will. The parts may not sell for much but look at it as cutting the cost on your motor. Good luck hope you find what you want.

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The 82 should have a F-54 block with either a P-79 or P-90 head.

The 280Z should be an N-47 on an L-28 block.

Nothing wrong with either one, but the F-54 block is a bit stronger due to the siamesed cylinders.

$400 for just an engine would be on the high side unless it's complete with the intake and exhaust intact. For 400 you should also try to get as much of the FI wiring and ECM if you can.

You should be able to find an F-54 in a wrecking yard or pick and pull for about the same or possibly less.

Look here for more info on heads.


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