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Suggestions and input please


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I have decided  to part with my 1971 240 z , it is a vertical defrost vent unit with a series one manual 4 speed with a/s < not working > , its original color was 905 its serial number is 33776. I have the original window sticker , invoice from the dealer when they got it and most everything til its current 45,00 miles . It has zero rust and now is rosa corsa red with hyashi racing wheels and tires with little mile but dry rotted. The rear brakes don't work properly and the master cylinder for the brakes need replacing which I have and the clutch cylinder needs replacing as well . I haven't started it recently but it always does and runs very well . I am looking for input to see if I should get it fully driving or sell it as it is. Also some value or price ideas I understand I am asking wolves to hide the sheep but I am sure someone will be frank with ideas. I uploaded picture not to get offers but to get condition idea and such. The bottom is perfect as in rust free and the motor is totally original. The interior is completely bones tock except drivers seat was replaced with a recarao and the usual dash cracks. I have seen prices all over the place for them so some honest ideas would be nice , the car is located in the central Florida area. Thank you ahead of time for you input and ideas. yes getting inland out of it and not having room for my daughter to ride and lack of use are my reasons 


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First you could change the title.. what about is this thread?.. about a sale of a 1971 240z !!!   If you had put that in the title, it got MUCH !!!  more attention.. i think. and the foto's ... put some in the thread.. not download-stuff.. remember, people are lazy haha.. oeps.. 🙊

And how can i tell you what's it worth.. i need not 3 pics i need 50-200! pics and maybe i can tell what a right prize could be..

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3 hours ago, seerex said:

one of my concerns is that doing a full get it ready might not be worth it if someone is going to modify it anyway ?

If they are going to modify it they are not going to want to spend as much as the guy who see's a possible original car in it, original hunters are usually willing to spend more.

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8 hours ago, seerex said:

did the photos load ok

Yep!  Nice car!  If it's a solid car (Not a sculpturers job i hope.. made from putty.. haha) then it could get in the high score list on 240z's, ofcourse you should make it an original car with all the paperwork that you have it's a good car to put on: "bring a trailer" !!  

I found also some pics of your car in your profile? from 2007?  I think.. it is also a very red 240z.. (rosa corsa red?)

I got wheels like those on my 240z!

Put a orig seat in and put it on bring a trailer..

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