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  1. Hi Dave, could you re-share the instructions posted on this thread for the 73 240z ? I tried to open it but it’s not available. Any help provided would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hi Chuck, love this event! I'm always there on Saturday walking the Fairgrounds. Where will your space be?
  3. Matthew, The lines inside the tank are rusted and need to be replaced. I found another tank to replace mine.
  4. Actually that's about 5 hours from me. I guess I could ship it but if anyone has any knowledge of a place closer I'd welcome the info!
  5. Fantastic! Thanks for the info!
  6. Hi Guys, any one know of a place that can repair my gas tank in NJ or Eastern PA? I was told one of the lines inside the tank has some rust. I tried to find another tank but had no luck. Is the only option sending to zcarsource? If you guys know of a place in the NJ/PA I'd really appreciate the info!
  7. Matthew are you doing the body work yourself?
  8. I doubt it, if it doesn't leak it's staying for now.
  9. Thanks guys! I'm not crazy about the sun roof... It's a split sunroof, separate levers to open, one for the passenger side and another for the driver. Haven't seen that in a while! Hope it doesn't leak.
  10. Thanks guys! Fun times indeed...
  11. Hi everyone! Here's my new to me 73 240z. Just picked her up this past Thursday and can't wait to get her road worthy. I've been reading some great info here and my to do list is growing by the second. There's some light mods done that I'm not crazy about but they are minor and can be corrected. She's originally a silver car but the PO decided to paint her a burgundy color. Will post more pics later Cheers.
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