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  1. dudes there is a guy on hybrids(Vintage-Tech-z) who makes carbon parts. His dash is only 270 bux and tailight panels and zg flares run 180. 1300 for a hood is rediculous when you can already get em for 750
  2. little cash strapped, and 215 bux is a lil hard to swallow
  3. Im looking for a set(4) of datsun> honda wheel adaptors, someone help me out!. Iprobably wont check this thread often, so email me.
  4. ZNo he wasnt oh k. He sat in that carunconsios burning alive for about 5 minutes while his helmet melted to his face. The track didnt set the race support up right and now that driver(top jap driver cant remember his name) is horribly disfigured and cant drive. He sucsessfully sued that track for several million dollars.
  5. so when you start producing these, are they going to be street tested/legal?
  6. those are the first pics ive seen featuring z's with "hapari" style tires, looks sick indeed
  7. the only part i really cared for was that Ken gushi was in the show. It dates the show though, that green onevia has been wrecked for about 2 months and gush is factory sponsored by ford now.
  8. we had a molten salt stripper for a long time but due to powdercoating getting so big we didnt have enough time to court business for stripping. And theres a new company on the market that sells hooks for insanely cheap(EPSI) and we can buy like 2500 hooks for a round 20 buck, way cheaper than any stripping we have done.
  9. I have a panel in my office that is bent in 2 90degree angles and has no visual wear to the paint. Because powder is urathane base(mostly) it is extremely flexible.
  10. silver vein, that dosent look like silver vein. definately hammertone and note straight hammer
  11. looks like they used some kindof custom paint(or very small paint suppliers paint), thats like no "river" or "wrinkle" text that ive ever used. Looks like it mught be cardinal hammertone black. not a bad finish, that chemical bake looks intersting. Im gonna look into it, see what its about,
  12. so, is it a dip in a vat, or is the metal sprayed and then cooked? we have several different types of chemical treatments we use in my shop. We have a high pressure chemical steam wand that sprays asuper heated mix of phosphate and detergent onto a part, and we also have a large heated dipping tank of a slightly different phosphate-detergent mix. when we dip the metals come out in a rainbow of differnet colors. But a gold-brown is mor common. I wonder if this fellow is dipping and then cooking the parts prior to rinse or after? im interested in his process(seems way to time consuming but furth
  13. Chemical baked? that must be fairly new or rarely used cause ive never headr of it. id liek to see some close up pics of the quality of the texture if its possible. Getting textured finishs perfectly even is an art in itsself.
  14. why are there braille instructions on the drive in ATM if a cow sneezez does milk come out its nose? if your traveling at lightspeed and take a step foreward how fast are you going?
  15. looks like a replacement wheel
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