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  1. Thanks sooo much 240260280!!!!!! First I clicked on "reputation activity", and there were no pictures under "gallery". Then I clicked on "see their activity" and there were my pictures. Never would have found it without help. Thanks again.
  2. 240260280, thanks How do I get to the page that has the choices that show on the left hand side of the page you linked? I'm old and computer stupid I guess. Tell me like I'm a rookie how to get where you got. Thanks. Boy I am really embarrassing myself now.
  3. Gundee, could you post a link so I can find it? When I try to post to my gallery it says I don't have one???? When I search the members gallery's, by members name, mine does not appear???
  4. Mike,

    Could you help me get access to my member gallery?  I posted in the "Help Me" forum what the issues are. I can see my gallery from my phone, but am informed that I have no gallery on desktop web site. 

    Thanks in advance

  5. It's been years since I posted here. I want to post images to my member gallery, but I am not able to find it on main website. I can find it on my cell phone though. Main web site says that I dont have a member gallery. I posted a couple test photos to the "engine" gallery, and they showed up on my mobile phone. Anybody know how I can recover my member gallery on main website (my desk top computer)????? Maybe you guys can see my gallery from your computers? My member name is "Panchovisa". Thanks in advance, Panchovisa
  6. I have one in my car. Very rare. If I were selling would probably want minimum 5k. They were $2,000 back in the seventies, and not many around anymore. Sent from my iPhone using Classic Zcar Club mobile
  7. panchovisa

    Engine Photo

    Wow dude! VERY origional. People will either hate it or love it. I got to say I think it's striking. The workmanship is 1st rate, but how did you choose the colors? A 60's acid trip? Bravo, keep up the good work. Just make yourself happy.
  8. I switched to r-h inners and outers on my rack years ago. All you have to do is find another stearing rack and scavenge the right-hand side parts for transplant to your cars steering rack on the left side. Read the repair manual regarding removeal of the "ball" joint that retains the inner. It may require spanner or pin wrenches (I cant recall exactly now). Practice the removal at home before going to junk yard, easy after the first one is done.
  9. God I miss the Bambikiller some times! CARL!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Ron, I believe the car in the ad is the same car featured in Vintage Motorsport's May/June issue. If it is, then this was the 1st BSR 610 sedan prepared for racing, and was used to re-produce body parts for the actual "winning" 610's to follow. The car was held in reserve by BSR, lest the actual war horse was hobbled. It would be by no means a "show car", just an un-raced back-up racer. It seems that it finally has become a racer on the vintage circuit with slight changes in tires, safety equipment, and such. O.T. Have been lingering here, but aven't posted for years. Howdy all! Panchovisa
  11. Jmark, It is a Stahl header with special 1 &3/8" primaries. I had it made back about 1979. The blue in this photo is just high temp header paint. I now have had this header Jet-Hot ceramic coated in their blue color which is a darker blue (now it is almost the same color as the blue Aeroquip fittings).
  12. Jmark, The streetable headers I have on my 2.4 liter do have 1 and 3/8" primaries. I use an E-31 head and the #4 & #5 exhaust ports need 1 and 1/2" tubes to begin with at the head. Jere Stahl does a neat job of sleeving the smaller tube into the larger one and brazing a smooth transition between the pipes. The best thing about going with his haeder is that you can run a real twin pipe exhaut to the back of the car. It sounds GREAT! I run a fuel cell so I have a muffler in each back corner. If you have a stock gas tank then think about running two SuperTrapp stainless "megaphone" style mufflers "over and under" at the stock location. Either way you will need some custum bent pipes. Midas can "crush bend and fit them, or you can find someone who can mandral bend them. I will eventualy replace my steel crush bent pipes and generic reverse flow mufflers with stainless mandral bent pipes and SuperTrapps. Go for it, it's not cheap but it is the best way to go.