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  1. All good things must end. I am retiring and moving out of country, so my project of 39 years is being sold on Bring a Trailor.com now. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-datsun-240z-137/ Check it out. I hope the Classic Z Club will help spread the work for me. Thanks
  2. Do not overfill the dash pots, doesnt take much oil!!!!!!
  3. For the oil, use Marvel Mystery Oil. The perfect weight.
  4. Easy peasy. Put a pipe plug in thermostat hole. The pressed in plugs (four) in two carb manifolds are good, or replace with pipe plugs. Remove the "Y" adapter, and replace with a straight piece of tubing. Remove everything from the "Y" fitting to the thermostat. Plug the hole in the end of the balance tube unless you need more vacuum fittings. Check my gallery for photos, I have done what you want, except I don't run a heater core.
  5. Sorry Dutch, the rear fender flairs are one of a kind, handmade. Similar panels can be found if you search for "YZ flairs" on this site (and/or the web in general). The exhaust sound you heard is without any tailpipes or mufflers. With the system fully installed the sound is quite satisfying. It would be fun to be able to "toggle" between the two sounds.
  6. Thanks Grannyknot. The car is a 72 240Z, and so I wanted to keep the 2.4Liter engine size and was convinced by my engine builder to stay true to the SU carbs. They function great and hold their settings in almost all conditions. If you had a full race modified engine then of course the triple Mikuni's would be the ticket. It doesn't sound like a little 2.4 six, does it!!!! More like a small V8? When I pull the mufflers and replace with dual megaphones it sounds like a 300 cubic inch chainsaw! Maybe I will post THAT video??
  7. Thanks Heyitsrama. Glad somebody watched the video. The engine is a 2.4Liter blueprinted engine done by an ex-factory Datsun mechanic that started his own shop. He did a fantastic job. The whole story of the engine is long. We made tools that nobody else had to do Z-car engines (I was a patternmaker and could produce any kind of casting). The aluminum tank is a Harrison coolant overflow (expansion) tank mounted over the height of the aluminum Corvette radiator. The engine does sound very different with the six into two Jere Stahl header (with the dual tailpipes removed after ch
  8. I am 66 years old and have never been much of a social media user, except for here, and that has been many years since I was active. I just watched a video about what I need to do, and I may post a video some day (sure!). Here is where the Z-car people are, so hopefully someone will see it.
  9. Thanks Steve. I have never posted to YouTube, but I guess it is time to learn. It looks like video works on the site when it opens with "Photos", but not with "Windows Media Player". Turn the volume up, you will jump when it starts!!!
  10. I am trying to post a video of my car starting with open headers (sounds great!). It is a MOV file, which is in the list of accepted upload formats, but what program should I have it open with? Should it be: iTunes, Movies & TV, Photos, Windows Media Player, or another App? I will attach a MOV file that opens with "Photos" to see if that works. start_and_walk_around.MOV
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