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  1. I have spayed SEM before with great results but it has always been dark colors like black over black or black over green. I'm leery of white over black I guess.
  2. I sent an email to the Zstore asking if those panels are molded in white or are they molded in black and sprayed white with SEM or similar product. My panels are unusable as they have been sprayed with glue when the fabric was put over them and most of them are cracked/broken as well. Granny I assume you were spraying over panels that were already white?
  3. Found out over the weekend that my wife's newly inherited 72 240 originally had white interior. The rear plastic panels had been covered with black cloth, the diamond vinyl and door panels have been sprayed black and the seats recovered with incorrect black covers. I think putting it back to white would be cool but after a little research it appears that white interior pieces are tough to get. Thoughts ,experiences?
  4. These fenders have depot tags on the backside dated 1986 so this is probably what’s going. Thanks for the info everyone.
  5. What is this bracket for behind the headlight?
  6. Got the clutch working Sunday with a new master cylinder, slave cylinder and hose. Also discovered while laying under the car that the front fenders and 1/4's have been replaced with Nissan parts. Depot tag on the back side of the passenger fender was dated 7-86 so this must be the time frame my father in law had the car painted.
  7. Looked at some pics of Clifford headers online and they sure do look to be the same design. Thanks for the clue!
  8. While working on the 72 240z last night I noticed traces of blue paint on the 3 into 1 header flange where it bolts to the head. My father in law put the headers on in the 70's I'm guessing and I'm just curious what brand they are. Anybody remember whose headers came painted blue?
  9. Thanks madkaw but I'm not looking to have any work done to the car just info and advice.
  10. Good Gawd! Do the rear wheels come off the ground when its parked lol? I built my first mopar at 19 in 1990 and it was a 72 Dart with a 440. That thing was nose heavy enough, can't imagine that much iron in the front of Z!
  11. Thanks Seppi72. Hoping I'll find someone knowledgeable relatively close eventually. Any north central Indiana members out there?
  12. Update: Pulled both carbs and put kits in them, jets were seized in both carb. Drained out old fuel in tank. Changed oil and filter, pulled valve cover and lubed valvetrain. Cranked engine over with plugs out until oil flowed to head. Put new NGKs in as well as new wires, cap and rotor. Engine started on about 3rd crank and sounds decent. Only let it run about a minute as I pulled the radiator out to be cleaned and checked. Next up: dig into clutch.
  13. I figured the disc might be stuck to the flywheel, something else to look at. Yes I found the storage bins with the tire tools and wheel chocks present. Master cylinder is bone dry and the left rear drum was dragging badly. Had to remove the drums just so we could push it around.
  14. I won’t be digging into the car for a couple months at least, strictly in research mode right now. I did order a set of Retro Rewind 15x7 wheels and new pair of fresh air ducts that were missing in the engine bay. Right now the brake and clutch pedal go to the floor but the engine is free. I’ll be dropping the tank and going through the fuel system first then get it running. Then I’ll address the clutch and finally the brakes.
  15. It has 3 into 1 headers on it so I’m guessing all the emission stuff got removed when the headers were installed. As far as rust goes I haven’t had it on a lift yet for a good inspection. The battery area appears rust free so I’m taking that as good indication the car isn’t a rot box.
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