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  1. That looks like a small block mopar in the crashed Z. Wonder if it has an 833 behind it?
  2. Hey 87mj! I only live about 4 miles from Gas City speedway. Update: Saturday I checked float level and set them a 9/16. Pulled both carbs to verify the throttle blades were closing all the way. Reinstalled both carbs but left off all the linkage including choke cables. Fired it up and had to actually turn the idle screws to get it to idle at 800 rpm. Reinstalled all the linkage and still have good idle so evidently it was linkage related but I can’t see anything different. Time to start putting some miles on it!
  3. I haven’t put a timing light on it yet but I seriously doubt it has 20 initial.
  4. I'm going to check the float level again this weekend. What kind of initial timing is eveybody running with todays pump gas? My 360 Duster likes 16-20 initial which is way more than the factory recommended.
  5. The pistons look to fall at the same rate. I went through the carbs myself with the help of the ztherapy video replaced nozzles and needles. I have the nozzles down about 4 turns to run decent so that tells me there is a problem somewhere lol! The car does have a Clifford header so I would assume it needed richened some from stock settings probably not 4 turns though.
  6. Been putting a few miles on the Z after getting the brakes working correctly over the weekend. Car seems to drive well although I can't get it to idle below 1500 RPM. Idle screws are backed out all the way, been spraying carb clean around everything looking for vacuum leaks to no avail.
  7. I bought them for my 72 from the Z Store and the fit is not great but what choice do you have?
  8. I needed one for my 72 as well. I bought a cheaper 73 cylinder from Rock Auto and robbed the wheel from it as I had already rebuilt my original cylinder.
  9. Removed the center console to replace the shifter boot and found this retainer bracket laying under the fuse block. Does it go under this bolt to hold up the choke cables?
  10. I bought them from Z Car Source and they are made by Dashtop. Guess I didn’t know there was more than one company reproducing them?
  11. Racer X, I got all the panels installed with the exception of the tail light panel. About half of the holes line up so going to have to do some engineering there.
  12. Got the Clifford header back from Jet Hot finally. Got everything buttoned back up. Next will be off to the exhaust shop when the roads clear. Ordered new carpet, pulled the seats out to give everything a good cleaning.
  13. Waiting for the header to come back from Jet Hot so I can put the induction and exhaust back together. Been working on installing reproduction rear interior panels. Man these things do not fit well. Is this par for the course on these panels?
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