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  1. So @advin, did you have any issues with fronts? Which gland nut did you use?
  2. Did you do that with a grinder, or belt sander? Whatever, nice job!
  3. Joseph, thank you for the explanation. Since I have an 8/71 car(Madkaw 9/71), I think I’ll wait to hear Lee’s remedies, before pulling the trigger, that is unless there is a “Black Friday” sale planned!
  4. So @madkaw did you get your gland nut issue solved? What springs are you running?
  5. Awesome! I have downloaded the manuals, and will put it in the slot! Thank you!
  6. Thank you everyone, job done! Pinion seal and O-ring are in. Everything cleaned up hopefully as you said it was the pinion shaft seal that was leaking. One question the metal tab with M6 bolt, looks like it should go in the slot on the top of the adapter. Mine was all the way in, and that’s the way I replaced it. But should the tab be in the slot? Follow? The other areas discussed look more like sweating, than a leak so I cleaned it up and let it go for now. Thank you again!!!
  7. Ah, thank you! See from my pic, it seems to be leaking from above this point too. Like around the shifter area. What could be leaking there? One thing leads to another. Thanks again!
  8. How do you remove the adapter from the transmission? Do you just put a channel lock on it and twist? Should it Just pull out? Could be leaking where the cable screws onto the adapter? Thank you!
  9. Back to my leaky speedo, can I change the seals under the car, or does the cable have to come out? Thank you!
  10. Got it! Thank You!!! When I remove the cable, will trans fluid come out?
  11. OMG, Thank you! What a great place! @Zed Head yes, PO told me, the owner of the shop that worked on his Z, called him one day, and said I just acquired a rebuilt 5speed that would be perfect for your car. Do you want it, and he said, hell yes! I have the original 4speed trans too. @siteunseen Thank you, That's one of them, but didn't @EuroDat post call for two washers?
  12. Blown away! Thank you, thank you! I think fluid was a bit low from speedo leak, and was quite nasty. After leak fix, it’s on to Diff. Fluid change, what juice do you recommend ? Thank you, again!
  13. Changed trans lube today! What a difference! Used 2qts AC Delco 10-4014. No problem downshifting now. Thank you! What I did discover, was the speedo cable connection appears to be leaking. How do I correct that issue? Or should I start a new thread?
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