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  1. I sure will, + I will soon have a T5 for sale once I remove it if anyone is interested. 👍
  2. I already rebuild the cv axles, with the new shorter shafts from WHP and got the mustache bar from Arizona Z Car. I know it's a challenge, but one that I'm intended on taking on to make it work. I'm trying to build my Z with has much datsun oem parts to keep it with in the Nissan family. I may sound a bit nostalgic, but I can't se my self doing it with other brand car parts.
  3. Thanks a lot for all your help guy's, I very do much appreciate. And will be posting pics on my build with the vlsd.
  4. @Zed Head the shifter sits up high in the console, and they cut it, (the previous owner).
  5. @Zed Head that's what I was afraid of. Oh well I guess I'm going to have it made by a shop. Any recommendations?
  6. Yes, the rear diff is complete and done. I have the yoke with the drive shaft for the fs5w71b 1982 280zx transmission (all from the same car ) and I bought the flange for the r200 1988 ss dif (separate). What I was thinking on doing is remove the flange from the 280zx and replace it with the r200 flange. But they are not serviceable.
  7. Hello everyone I was wondering if anyone could help me out her. I have a 1972 240z that I'm planning on installing a 1982 280zx close ratio transmission with an R200 out of a 1988 SS 300zx VLSD dif. My question is and probably a few folks have asked this before is what drive shaft or propeller can I use? My car already has a t5 transmission from a 280zx turbo and what looks to be an R180 or R200. I does have the half shafts... Any help will be highly appreciated.
  8. Thanks for all your help guy's @EuroDat @Zed Head @pogden, I feel more at ease, and not feeling like I got bamboozled 🤣.
  9. @pogden I also found out that they are 2 types of CR transactions the on from z/zx 79-80, 1st to 4th are the same but the 5 is .773 vs .745. On the zx 82-83.
  10. Hello guys, I've been following this thread for a bit and would like you're help with this transmission. I bought this rebuild transmission 2 years ago and was told to be the fs5w71b close ratio transmission from the 82-83 280zx, (could it be from the 83 model?) but after reading all the info here, I'm starting to have my doubts and .The second to the last pic is a reference point to the bell housing bolt casing from mine
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