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  1. @carrottoplives I posted the files above on comment #5, you can download them and have them printed. Unfortunately I don't have access to a 3D printer at the moment, it's with my son who is away at school.
  2. I had my Xenon air dam painted when I had my car painted, and it turned out really good. I also had my old lower valance that I took off repaired and painted at the same time, this will allow me to go back to the original front down the road if I felt like it.
  3. I'm fairly new to carbs, been playing around with them but never did understand the intricate details on how they actually work. Found a neat youtube vid that explains how they work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toVfvRhWbj8
  4. Lookin good, same colour combo as my car. 🙂
  5. Power antenna switch. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Interesting, was not aware of Speeduino. I'm reading up on it and very intrigued with it's simplicity, might be a good fit as I'm only looking to add EFI for drivability. Thanks for mentioning this.
  7. Interesting, I've been getting conflicting information. I plan on using Microsquirt as the ECU and one of the input it requires is MAP for load. I will also need a vacuum line for my HVAC as this controls the vents inside the car (has nothing to do with the ITB setup)
  8. Thank you! This really helps.
  9. I'm n the process of converting my 260z (stock motor) from dual carbs to EFI ITB. Started to collect the various parts and doing my homework. I have a good understanding on the conversion but still not clear on how the vacuum lines should be set up. The ITB intake manifold I have has a single vacuum nipple which is used for the brake booster. When I convert this to EFI: Can I leverage the same vacuum line and add a T? Or is it better to tap into all the intakes and hook this up to a vacuum manifold? I will have to drill holes and tap into this if I take this route.
  10. Sorry to hear about your health. 😞
  11. You can still buy the OEM dome light, part number 26410-e4100.
  12. Perfect, thanks for tips. Will look into this for sure as I do plan on printing with ABS. I'll send you the STL file via PM. 260zDoorTrimEndRH3.stl 260zDoorTrimEndLH3.stl
  13. Agreed. Didn't realize how useful it would be until my kids picked one up. I also ended up making a blank plate to fill in where the fuel light would go on the center console. There's a few more things I have in mind to make, but this will be for another time.
  14. My kids picked up a 3D printer over the holidays, so I thought I try to figure it out and learn how to use it. I just happened to be replacing the rubber wipes on the door window trim, and noticed there were no end caps. Not sure if this is how the car came, or just went missing over the years. I downloaded FreeCAD and started to play around with it. After a lot of youtube videos, I was able to design and print some caps. Haven't installed them on the car yet to confirm the overall fitment, so hopefully no issues. I used PLA filament for the sample pieces (it's the only one I have at
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