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  1. Fantastic videos Dave! This will help a lot of us that are also in the process of replacing our dashes.
  2. Looks great. Let us know how the rear bumper goes. The center piece on the rear bumper was too large (by 3cm) which caused the side parts of the bumper to stick out, so it does not connect to the side of the car. I reached out to them and they were suppose to send a new piece.... I'm still waiting.
  3. Nice set of wheels! Thanks for the body shop name, I'm also located in Scarbs so this works out for me.
  4. Oh wow, that's looking great. Very similar to what I'm doing on my car..l. Xenon front air dam and the 240z bumpers. I'm looking at getting a set of Rota RKRs, the Watanabe's are a bit out of my price range. Where are you getting it painted? I'm also in Toronto and looking for a shop. Thx
  5. Paid $120 for the OEM and $75 for the replica. The glass is flat. I could not find an OEM replica that had a convex mirror. I’m going to see if I can retrofit one.
  6. Picked up a set of 240z door mirrors for my s30. The driver side mirror is OEM from a local dealer, and the passenger RH is a replica from Rising Sun. I’m impressed with the replica, it looks and feels like the OEM. Thought I share some pics.
  7. Finally got the rear passenger side bumper shocks removed. Did what was mentioned above. 1. Removed the fuel from the tank. 2. Loosened up the clamp in the trunk that connects the filler neck to the rubber hose. This is need to give some slack to remove the tank. 3. I raised the car, then loosened up the tank straps. This gave me some room to get to the end part of the filler hose that connects to the tank. Once the hose has been disconnected, then it’s easier to move the tank over to the driver side. 4. Then removed the 3 remaining bolts for the bumbler shocks located above the tank, had to play around to remove the shock. 5. Done!
  8. Thanks for the information, this helps. I will try to attempt this next weekend.
  9. I'm in the process of removing the bumpers on my 260z, and removed the drivers side shock (had to drop the exhaust). Now I understand that you need to drop the fuel tank to remove the passenger side shock, but do you also need to disconnect all the fuel lines? I tried searching for this, but only mentions dropping the tank. I don't really want to mess around with the fuel system, but will have to if I don't have a choice. Thanks!