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    Very first car I ever bought when I returned from oversees in 1977. Working to restore it once again to leave for my Grandson as his first car.

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  1. I'm looking for a replacement mounting bolt that threads in to the reservoir on one end feeds through the carb and has a 6mm nut on the other behind the linkage. Please let me know of any place to obtain one.
  2. I'm still looking for a source for the rubber boot on the manual transmission and after this past weekend's work I'm now also looking for mounting bolt for the fuel reservoir on a 240z SU carb. When tightening the nut on the 6mm end the shaft snapped. Any suggestions for either or both would be appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the info. This confirms what I thought I remembered and is sincerely appreciated. RR
  4. So I finally have reinstalled my rebuilt stock motor and drive train in the car but I have run in to a few problems I could use some assistance with. Can anyone tell me which of the 2 hard fuel lines on the frame near the alternator goes to the mechanical fuel pump? The rubber lines were shot and I forgot to label which one went where when I cut them off. Does anyone know the size and thread count for the bolts on the sway bar mounts that mount to the frame? I just want to confirm before I cross thread or strip. The rubber boot on my tranny fell apart in my hands when I went to reinstall the shifter. Any ideas where I might find a replacement? Not the one on the console, the small one on the tranny itself. I sincerely appreciate y 'all's assistance in the past and hope you'll once again will be able to help. Thanks.
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