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  1. I don't know how to send a PM in this forum. I believe the one I have is the longer of the two as it's probably 3-4 inches.
  2. I seem to have misplaced one of my butterfly bolts for the air cleaner. Looking for suggestions on where I might find one. Stock motor.
  3. So I have a stock engine in my 1974 260z with SU carbs from a 1971 240z. Is there really a significant performance difference by switching to Weber carbs and is there and difference between the Weber dual carb set up versus the triple carb set up? I'm trying to decide if it's really worth the money to change.
  4. Well, one of you called it. There was another timing mark on the crankshaft pulley that we found after disassembling the front of the motor. We verified tdc and all mechanical timing marks where they should be, put it back together and the second timing mark was on 0 at TDC. We put everything back together after I rebuilt the carbs again and she fired right up. Problem is she won't idle on her own and after running for a bit she stalls and won't restart unless we hold the pistons in the carbs up. They are SU carbs as I pulled the Hitachi's shortly after I bought it and replaced them with
  5. To clarify a few things. I have owned this car for 43 years. It is the first car I ever bought. The engine is original but has been rebuilt a couple of times. The timing plate has always been located on the right side of the timing chain cover when facing the engine. See the attached picture showing the mounting location. The plate has 2 mounting holes and will only mount in this location. The car had been sitting for about 5 years and I decided to get it running. When I did I took it for a drive and somehow bent a valve on the number 5 cylinder so I took it to a former friend/mechanic
  6. I can temporarily reinstall the pulley and post a picture but as I previously stated with it correctly installed and the keyway in place the timing mark on the pulley is at 10:00. It should be on the zero on the timing plate correct? That would need to be at about 3:00. What confuses me is that's not 180 degrees out. The pulley isn't the original but I still have the original and they are exactly the same. Per the service manual everything appears to be correct except for the timing mark on the pulley. I'm baffled.
  7. Let me know if these help. Lobes on cam appear to be correct.
  8. Thanks for this. I will check.
  9. In my prior statement I meant the timing mark on the pulley was at 10:00 and should be near 3 to line up with the 0 on the timing plate. The timing mark on the crankshaft itself is at 3:00 as shown in the service manual. I thought as long as the lobes were flat the valves were closed. Do they need to be sticking up like you said? I currently have the pulley and timing cover removed to verify the timing chain is correctly installed. That's what I'm trying to determine.
  10. Thanks for the explanation.. As soon as I get the clear picture of the cam sprocket I will post and we can go from there.
  11. What other method is there? We turned the motor to verify compression stroke and the piston was verified at TDC by using a screwdriver inserted through the spark plug hole to insure it didn't fall once it rose to it's maximum height. The lobes are flat and the crank is where the service manual timing mark shows it should be. i still question that since the lower end was rebuilt by one shop and the head was installed afterwards if the lower end wasn't 180 degrees out with the new head possibly putting the timing mark on the pulley out of alignment? Perhaps the lower end was on the compressi
  12. My question would also be that since the lower end was rebuilt couldn't the keyway have been placed 180 degrees out?
  13. I think the question isn't the cam alignment but the crankshaft and it's associated pulley. With the crank at TDC as shown in the picture and the fact that the pulley can't install any other way due to the keyshaft doesn't that mean the the timing mark has to be in the wrong place?
  14. Here's the thing, the crankshaft pulley and the timing mark plate are original. Another note is that with the current set up the engine doesn't even attempt to fire. Hopefully a better unobstructed picture of the cam shaft will help determine the problem. I will post as soon as I can get it.
  15. zed head, I had to reinstall intake, exhaust, fuel lines and carbs, oil pump and distributor and all coolant related parts. TDC was confirmed on compression cycle and verified by piston height.
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