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  1. @wadelester In the end I got another set of half shafts and rebuild those. They slid together very easy so there was definitely something wrong with the first set.
  2. Thanks for the info guys. Maybe I will give your WD40 a try later on Jonathan but right now I'm working with a new set of half shafts I got for 50 euros 🙂 I've already taken them apart (went smooth), cleaned them and painted them yesterday so I will put them together tonight or tomorrow. I did notice one thing when taking this second set apart. When you try to pull them apart with the x-shaped bearing locking ring at the end of the shaft in place the ball bearings will bind at the top. Probably because they are pushed outwards as the locking ring at the end is picking up grease. With the first set I just used brute force to pull them out this way anyway. Maybe I damaged them myself that way although it is hard to imagen that I'm strong enough to damage these heave duty steel parts. When you remove the locking ring from the other side the shaft slides out smooth. Maybe another mistake I made was sliding the shaft back in with the x-shapes bearing locking plate in place...
  3. Gave it a try last night but with minimal grease and without grease and the same thing happens. They bind and they get stuck. I'm 100% certain something is not right. Taking them apart also took extreme force now that I think about it. I pressed out the u-joints and put two breakers bars through the holes, put my feet on one breaker bar and pushed/pulled them like 10 times as hard as I could to get them to separate. It's also not a vacuum issue because I opened both ends of the rube with the grooves. I'm going to find a new used pair. Put new u-joints in them, paint them, put them on the car and never look back at this epic fail hehe.
  4. Haha! Okay thanks for your tips. I will give them a try when I get home from work.
  5. I will clean everything and try it again with minimal grease. I think I will also put a lot of tape on the shaft so they can't slide up when I press the shaft down. But still I have a feeling something is wrong. It should not be this difficult.
  6. Thanks but I don't read anything about the problem I'm having.
  7. Hi wheee! I'm doing the same thing as you but I can't for the life of me slide the two halfs back together with all the ball bearing and spacers present. It will always bind and get stuck. Like some bearings are to big or some tolerances are not quite right. It also took a LOT of force to pull them apart because the bearings with get stuck. Did yours slide in and out easily? Because I'm starting to think something is not right with mine.. Thnx Reinier
  8. Hi guys, I'm rebuilding my whole suspension and replacing all bushings, ball joints and u-joints. So while I was working on my half shafts I figured I would take them apart and clean and re-grease everything. Boy do I regret that decision because I've spent hours trying trying to slide them back together with all the ball bearings and plastic spacers in place. Whatever I do they always get stuck and they won't slide in further like some ball bearings are a bit oversized or tolerances are a bit off. I've tried everything. Slow, fast, adding the bearings afterwards from the other side. Nothing works ;( The closest I came was when I tried holding the bearings in place with one hand and with the other pushed it in as hard as I could. That way only half of the last spacers would stick out too much but I could not press them in that last half inch... Is there a trick or am I doing something wrong? Please help 🙂 Thnx! Reinier Instagram @jdmreinier DatsunPartZ.com - Little project of mine. A price comparison website for Datsun parts.
  9. Thanks for the excellent info grannyknot. That clears up a lot for me. I will look for the old rebuild topics. Can you tell me where I can order the bearing and grease seal? I can't find them on my regular Z-shops like RockAuto, ZCarDepot, MSA and ZCarSource. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, I'm rebuilding/cleaning the steering rack of my 1977 280Z and I have two questions I hope you guys can answer. 1. My pinion shaft and bearing are stuck. Is there a way to get them out without destroying the bearing? The bearing seems in good condition and I don't know if I can find a good replacement. 2. After sandblasting the housing I noticed a white/transparant plastic peg or nipple or something next to the pinion shaft in the sport where the rack bushing goes. Does anyone know what it is and what it does? I kinda looked like it had a pin hole in it. You can see it in the picture in the middle of the bushing location after a coat on POR-15. Thanks! Reinier
  11. Worn u-joints also cause clunking. You could have a look at those...
  12. Hi guys, Dos anyone know the torque specs of these bolts (see pic). I can't find them in any book or online. Thnx!
  13. Thanks guys. With your tips I figured it out. Unfortunately my timing chain needs replacing so I guess that will be one of the winter projects.
  14. Thanks 240260280 🙂 I already removed the plugs but I will try the crank bolt. That might make it easier to turn the engine.
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