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  1. I just stopped by my local Nissan dealer ready to order a couple #16356-25610 tubes. He told me, with a straight face, $53.76, each! I think I'll call ZTherapy. I do like the baked in curve though.
  2. I bought a few feet of the same stuff from Z Car Depot a few weeks ago. The rear one seems to have a little bit of collapsing going on, less on the front. I thought I'd try cutting a piece a little longer to fix, maybe not. Choke seems to retract fine. Is there an "official" length to use? Heard a rumor the hoses are still available from Nissan?
  3. One of my throttle linkage rod ends was broke/worn enough that it occasionally popped off while driving, not much fun in traffic. Saw this thread that talked about salvaging the old plastic ones to create new linkages, but did this instead. Bought some 8mm-M5 ball sockets from Grainger and M5 threaded rod. I've seen them or similar on Amazon also, but wanted to see them before buying. Sockets have a wire lock pin, which definitely lock them onto the ball, but they are also pretty tight without the wire. I wish I had a lathe to remove the unused threads, so I used some shrink tubing to cover them up. Not factory looking, but works great if you're not into the originality thing, or just need time to round up some unobtainium originals.
  4. I'm getting ready to put some Euro bumpers on my 73. Found the unused mounting points on the frame, should be good to go after chasing the threads out. Bought a pair of 70-72 brackets, but not sure which bracket is for the left or right. Looks like the frame holes are offset a bit and may raise or lower bumper a quarter inch or so. I searched, but came up empty. Which is which? Or does it matter? Thanks
  5. Okay, back to this mystery part. I think it’s the fitting that holds the hot end of the 2” pre heater flex hose that connects to the bottom of the air cleaner cover. You know, the one most people remove because it’s such a PITA. [emoji846]. So, it slides around the front part of the exhaust manifold, and the bottom end of the flex hose connects to it. Must not be a factory part though, maybe a quick fix back in the California smog days? Anyway, don’t see any other place on the exhaust manifold or shield to connect hose, and I don’t need it where I live anyway.
  6. Okay, had my grandson Jake over to help put the engine and trans back into the car. I made some longer sling brackets so the lift chain would clear the valve cover and curve inside the smog air galley tube. Went well, took about 90 minutes. Thought I measured right, but no. That extra ~1" distance the 73 bumper sticks out was an issue. The hydraulic jack on lift was over the top of the bumper, which should have come off. Had to push engine back a bit to land on motor mount pad. New early style bumpers in the rafters ready to install, need to get some bumper brackets. Right side motor mount bolts were the biggest challenge, and of course the drive shaft bolts are always fun. Time lapse video below. Hopefully startup in a couple weeks.
  7. A bit off topic, but primed the motor today. Found a 7/16" diameter rod about 18" long, and ground a flat to fit the oil pump. Ran drill CCW for a minute or two and made sure oil was squirting out of all the cam oiler bar holes. A little messy having to remove oil pump afterwards, but should be good to go.
  8. Yeah, that seems to work okay with trans studs into bell housing, but not so much for bell housing to block. Install has gotta be a be a bit easier than my Sunbeam Tiger! Engine has to be pulled with trans to get to trans or clutch. Tight fit! 😓. On Tiger you can go out the top, or drop subframe and drop out the bottom. Choose the scary way.
  9. Thanks pogden, detailed! And everyone else. I should make a time lapse video of install. Waiting for a couple parts, and maybe get my 16 year old grandson over to help. But I'll probably keep him away from the hoist lowering valve as engine is dangling over the car.
  10. Not much original paint left on the plate, but it does look pretty close. Here’s a pic in better light (old fan belt). But I may be a bit color blind too. I think my spray can is about 3 years old now.
  11. I ordered it from California Datsun. Felt stupid at the time spending 30+ bucks for a rattle can, but is does look right! 👌 1 can did the block, brackets and air pump pulley, and still a bit left. https://www.californiadatsun.com/paint-body/datsun-engine-true-blue-green-spray-can-paint.html
  12. A good read on Site's thread, thanks! I've got the same leveler, so I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much. Years ago I pulled the motor sideways over the fender after removing trans. I guess I'll do the the engine with trans method this time. Hopefully no need to remove the front bumper, I'll do some measuring first. Engine is not as great as some I've seen here, but will hopefully run good. Decided to try to keep this 73 on the stock side, even the smog stuff. Well, it does have earlier carbs. I'll probably regret that choice later. 🙄
  13. Getting ready to install my rebuilt motor. Just wondering if I should install engine and trans as unit like the FSM suggests. Or get engine settled in, supported in the rear, then lift trans into place. I've never installed/removed engine/trans as a unit in a Z, but have in other cars. I've got trans jack and load leveler, and a helper, could go either way. Harbor Freight load leveler is scary, hold my breath every time I use that dang thing. Hood removal, reinstallation, and alignment seems the only disadvantage. Anyway, just wondering what others do.
  14. Obviously not from a Z, probably my kid messin' with my head.?
  15. Okay, I know I'm getting old, but I usually still do a decent job of putting parts on the right storage shelf of the different make cars I work on. Found this on the Z shelf, which I took apart 3+ years ago, and I'm not sure if it goes on the Z or not. Looks like an interior part or something. If so, please give me a hint so I can return it to it's original location. If not, never mind.... Thanks! Ken
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