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  1. Vinyl, but leather does sound nice.
  2. My 73 is missing the vents, which I assume were there originally, and seats were redone. I'd like to recover and put them back, maybe the foam too. Yeah, Miata or Integra seats would be better, but going for original look. Seen some older threads, but any recent experience, good or bad, with seat cover kits out there? Thanks
  3. Getting ready to order a much needed headlight relay harness, parking light harness, and side marker conversion plugs. I want to confirm I have the 9 pin harness plug before ordering. I probably could build my own like others have, but looking for plug-and-play. Where do I look for connector? Near headlight switch on steering column? In front of radiator? My late 73 Z has a 7/73 built date, and does have intermittent wipers. Probably 9 pin, just want to make sure. Thanks, Ken
  4. Not yet, I might later. So, decided to cut the front coils today, 1/2 coil at a time. Did the right side first until I kinda got it where I wanted it, then the left. Cutting 1/2 coil off the top (soft end) dropped it 1/16", a full coil 3/16", 1 1/2 coils for 1/4" drop. Not much impact for amount of material removed. So then I figured I cut on the bottom firm end, and took 3/8 coil off there, which resulted in a total 7/16" drop. Decided to leave it there and not get crazy, and repeated for the left side. Here's what was removed (your results may vary🙂): After a quick spin
  5. Got the new wheels and tires mounted today. 😊 Yeah, went with 15 x 7's, 0 offset. I just like the old school look, old like me. Sure, tire selection sucks, but I drive my cars less aggressive nowadays. Ended up with Yokahama Avid Accend GT's, 205/60-15, 24.7" diameter. Here's a pic with 180 lbs on the drivers seat: Here's a pic with the differential jacked up about 3/4". Doesn't look too bad. I think I'll get spacers for the rear. Well, maybe... I'd sure like to see what it would look like with 1 coil cut from the front springs. 🤔. Opinions welcome!
  6. Yeah, that's what I'm after. 👍 Not sure about cutting those Eibach springs though. I've done Mustang springs before, but I've never had progressives. I assume the top of the spring is the soft side, where the windings are about 1/2" apart. Could try cutting 1 coil and see where it ends up at. Geometry-wise, I wonder what a 1/2" shorter spring translates to change in wheel height. I might be a the guinea pig on this. Picture of spring loaded: Or, Z Car Depot has this .7" spacers to raise the rear: https://zcardepot.com/products/upper-strut-mount-spacer-240z-260z-280z?var
  7. I think I’d rather lower the front an inch or so. I’m not a fan of ignorantly cutting coil springs, but has anyone done that? I was wondering how much a half coil would lower the front. And increased camber wouldn’t hurt either. Don’t want to do the coil over route.
  8. I'm liking that TenHulzen alignment tool! Measured toe-in I had set with a couple straight edges clamped to the wheels. Came out at 64 5/8" in the rear, 64 9/16" in the front, net of 1/16" in. Going to leave it there. Steering wheel is a spline or two off center, think I'll remove wheel and recenter instead of adjusting tie rods. So, here's the before picture from May, stock springs (I think), worn struts, etc: Here's the after picture, Eibach progressive springs, Koni Yellows, new bushings, mostly rubber. After about 80 miles of driving. Not much of a drop as I was
  9. Ordered! I'd rather put $ toward this than give $ to someone for an easy no-brainer job! Thanks!
  10. After adjusting the toe-in, it actual tracks pretty good. I'll be curious to see how close I got it when I take it to be aligned. I forgot to tighten the rear strut top nuts, which made quite a racket during its first ride. And the engine developed a miss while sitting for 3 months, probably pull the plugs tomorrow and take a look. Or it could be the crappy California gas. Did I mention I picked up some new wheels from Z Car Garage? 😉
  11. Oh, those? I’ve got hydraulic rams under my shop floor, so I just hit a button to raise and lower the Z. You should see it when it goes 6 feet high for those oil changes! Kidding! [emoji16]. It was on jack stands, so I just had to jack up each corner a few inches to slide a concrete block under each tire. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Here are my "two passengers" loaded per the FSM while tightening a few of the suspension bolts. Not sure what size passengers they had in mind, a Sumo wrestler, or a petite lady. 180 and 120 lbs should do. I bounced the springs several times before tightening. I guess I'll make up something to get the toe-in adjusted close enough to get it to an alignment shop. The normal flat rate alignment charge is ridiculous for 240Z's, not much to adjust really! But I'll bite the bullet and get it done, at least I'll know where it's at. Once I get a few miles on the Eibach springs, I'll l
  13. Got the rear brakes put back together. Next step is to get my wife out there to help me bleed the brakes. The new MSA wheel cylinders had a different angle on the inlet so ordered to new set of hard lines to fit.
  14. AK, I measured the distance on my 240Z between the steel washer and the mustache bar, top and bottom, and it's about 10mm. So, are you running a small 1mm gap? Just curious. My worn serrated washers have about a 5mm gap between rubber nubs and mustache bar.
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