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  1. You think its flooding with the fuel pump connected, but not with it disconnected? I'll check the spark plugs and try your suggestions.
  2. It only starts with low fuel pressure. I'm going to try and blow out the return line right now, maybe it's clogged and won't allow proper regulation.
  3. Almost there. Progress update: Bonnie starts and runs, however, it will not start if the fuel pump is connected. I read a suggestion online that I tried. I disconnected the fuel pump, cranked the engine (to reduce fuel pressure) and it started, but when I connected the fuel pump, it refused to start. Weird, but I thought it could be a fuel pressure problem, so I rented a fuel pressure gauge, took measurements with the fuel pump connected, it measured 42 lbs.. So I bought a new fuel pressure regulator. It now measures 36lbs, but still Will not start with the fuel pump connected. And if I disconnect the pump, it will start but very hard, and will not idle. Any suggestions, much appreciated. Troy
  4. So today I had a friend come over, we made sure the timing is set right. We checked every injector, all have pulse, all spark plugs have spark. We both are stumped. It cranks over, no problem, just won't fire. We tried to spray starter fluid in the intake as well, made no difference. Any ideas. Coil, ignition, ?.?
  5. I'll look at it tomorrow morning, got busy with some work stuff. I may need to take off the valve cover and look at the marks. I'll look in the morning thanks
  6. Ill check tonight, if it is, how do you correct it
  7. Yes, I have the wire plugged in, good question. I did check for spark on the plug, they are getting spark. That's what I can't understand, I have spark, obviously I HAD a lot of fuel, but still won't start, weird.
  8. I was very careful in my rebuild, although I will admit it was my first, I took considerable time and followed the books. That being said, I could've missed, or not calculated something. I'll look through my notes, and pictures. Needless to say I'm concerned and frustrated. I appreciate the help. Troy
  9. It seems the car is testing my resolve. The starter is cranking over as it should, but I can't get it to start. I tapped on the injector and the problem seems to be solved. But I still can't get her to start. Theses 40 year old cars are tricky at times. Troy
  10. Fuel injector is stuck? Malfunctioning?
  11. GAS GUSHING OUT! Okay, I have a good battery, checked and have spark at the spark plug, but still wouldn't start. I took each park plug out to see how they look, and everything was fine until I got to the last plug #6, and gas gushed out, maybe a quart or more! i do have an aftermarket electric fuel pump in it, and I had been trying to start it the past few days on and off. Any deas gang? thank you Troy
  12. Siteunseen, I somehow snipped it off when I pulled the engine, but I did get the wires in the correct place, I suppose I should order, or find a replacement, good point. i did replace the battery, and it cranks over as it should. Someone asked if I added any parts in the rebuild. Yes, I upgraded the coil, tonight I'm going to make sure it is correctly installed, hoping to get Bonnie started! thanks for all the guidance. Troy
  13. Yessssss! i connected the white wire and I have lights and the starter turns over, Bonnie lives, BUT....... the headlights are dim, and the starter only barely cranks over, even with a jump? okay you wizards, where to next?? thank you, thank you all. Troy
  14. Zed, where red would that white wire be coming from? Over by the shock tower? I'm at work, so I'll look this evening. thank you.
  15. Zed, i live in Washington County, MN. Are you also in MN? Just curious
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