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  1. borini63

    New Find.70 240Z

    I agree...it's all about money and finding ways to squeeze $$ off your pocket. Still we have enough layer of OZON.
  2. borini63

    New Find.70 240Z

    Wow I don't know that.......I will get a Vintage License Plate Next year then to avoid painful testing next year........ I will double check on that anyway. Thanks for the tip. Jamal
  3. borini63

    New Find.70 240Z

    Today Passed emissions and got it register for one year.....Tuff rules here in phoenix.....only Pre 67 are exempt from test. Reliable daily drive now....... Not bad numbers anyway.
  4. borini63

    WTB: 280zx oil pan

    I don't know if you still looking but I have couple of oil pans just sitting.(N/A Style, No turbo oil pans)
  5. borini63

    WTB Brake Booster & headlight switch for my 1970 240Z

    Fixed my Headlight switch. Works nice now. Found a booster in ebay, bought it and installed it ......was lucky enough that the booster worked. Opened the turn signal switch and cleaned it. Still no brake lights. Bought new brake switch and installed it, also replaced both flashers and still no brake lights......checked all the grounds, still no brake lights. Still not sure what to do next!!!!
  6. borini63

    240Z Vintage Rubber Floor Mats AMCO

    Looking good for a first year Z
  7. borini63

    240Z Vintage Rubber Floor Mats AMCO

    I am using gwri8 (Greg) picture here....I have the same but in Black.........
  8. borini63

    WTB Wheel Spacers for 280z 35mm to 45mm

    I have this set if you still looking. Jamal
  9. borini63

    Kenmeri coming to USA very soon.

    Just a heads up on my 70 240Z,My daily drive for the moment.......
  10. borini63

    New Find.70 240Z

    Looks better stance wise.1" lower than stock.Like it that way.
  11. borini63

    New Find.70 240Z

    Trust me I found a lot of areas needs to be taken care of.Start to buy weather stripping for her.Also brand new Brake master Cylinder and a very good condition brake booster(The old one has a broken pedal stud),calipers and lines(rusty lines)Also I installed a set of Tokico lowering springs while am at it..Now she is a good daily drive.
  12. borini63

    WTB Brake Booster & headlight switch for my 1970 240Z

    Thank you Steve for the link. I will make sure to follow. Jamal
  13. borini63

    WTB Brake Booster & headlight switch for my 1970 240Z

    Thank you for the reply and the tip. I pulled my headlight switch out and opened it up and cleaned it and adjusted the little connectors .Put it back .Also I changed the connector for the left headlight (burned out from the heat)and replaced the both Lt and Rt headlight fuses. Now I have a headlights and they are bright thanks to the 60Amps 280ZX Alternator. Just bought a Brake booster and it will go in when I get a chance. Now I am facing a problem with my brake lights .I will pull the turn signal switch and clean, I will replace both flashers with new brake switch and I hope I will have a brake lights. Thank You again.
  14. borini63

    New Find.70 240Z

    I wish that too. I will just drive it for now in this condition......until I restore it or find a good home for her.
  15. borini63

    New Find.70 240Z

    Looks little better I replaced the door and fender and mounted some ZX T Wheels with new tires.Also some other new parts..... .

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