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  1. Please let me know if you have one for sale....I want to swap my 82 280ZX Turbo from Auto to Manual. I have everything else except the tranny. Jamal Reply or call or email 602-433-1161 kuwaity63@hotmail.com
  2. They still available @ Nissan dealers Brand Spanking New. Part# 15040-P8000 for a 82 83 280zx Turbo
  3. Yes for 280zx turbo factory Air Box.
  4. I will take them if you add the shipping cost. I mean $500 shipped to 85029. I have Paypal as a payment.( will send as a Family or Friend to avoid fees). I need a set for my 82 280ZXT and I believe they fit fine.
  5. We just got this 83 280ZX and we want to part it out. Take a look at the pictures and let me know what you need. The ZX located in Phoenix AZ 85029 Still a lot of good parts in it. Thank You for looking Jamal 602-433-1161 kuwaity63@hotmail.com
  6. Great Bill.... I will take the two rear light covers and will take two of your spare tire covers(just chose the best ones). Send the total shipped and will paypal you. Phoenix AZ 85029. Thank You very much Bill. Jamal
  7. Hi bill....Do you have any parts for 280ZX? Looking for the rear hatch inner tail light cover / Panel also looking for a spare tire cover for a coupe 280ZX. Thanks Jamal
  8. Up for sale this unique and Rare Third Middle tail light that fit all Turbo 280ZX. Brand New still in the box. I saw a lot of other middle tail lights but this one first time I am seeing a set like that. Comes with the relocate license plate bracket and the frame with light for the L Plate.Also comes with the hardware and instruction how to mount. Looking to get $250 shipped to the lower 48 states. I have Paypal (kuwaity63@hotmail.com) Thank You for looking Jamal 602-433-1161
  9. Looking for these two parts in decent shape. Please let me know if you have one. Jamal 602-433-1161 kuwaity63@hotmail.com
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