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  1. no its a 240z. I ve been busy with school lately but ill get some pictures by this sunday
  2. ok, so know knowing that (thanks) how much do you think its worth
  3. I just want it to be a drift/fun car to drive. I dont think it has any special engine or tranny and i dont know about the diff I am not from the U.K. but have some tie to it and like some of their words better:)
  4. Hey I will post pictures soon, but I was wondering how much I should pay for this 1971 240z: CONS Motor not running as of now Bad paint Cracked dash Needs new tyres Needs electrical work High miles PROS Neighbor Old racer with roll cage and back seats taken out Extra transmission ( I'm most definite) lying around Asked how much I want to pay Thanks for any comments
  5. Hey I'm looking to buy a 1971 240z from a neighbor, he used to race it in local circuit. He has a hot motor, roll cage inside car but back seats are taken out body rust and chipping paint, no carpets and dash is torn up
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