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  1. sorry it took me so long to reply but yeah i have a 1/4 in spacer in the front and i had to buy longer wheel studs but they are rota rb's 17*7.5 i do only have about a centimeter of clearance on the front though.. the back is fine.. 18racing.com states that they have 17x7.5 with a +4 offset but they don't as far as i know so call them and make sure b4 you order them from any website
  2. okay let me correct myself its 215 45 17's thanks man i purchased wheels and tires for less than a grand so i guess i did pretty well keeping it within my budget
  3. i'm running 215/40/17's i think.. if i'm wrong i'll post the right size later
  4. yea i will hopefully be taking that ONE bumper shock off as soon as possible!!! i took the other one off and planed on taking the one on there now off when i took it to the hobby shop to drop the tank. BUT i ended up dropping the tank but not taking out the bumper shock.. so yeah i guess i'll hopefully be doing that sometime soon.. as far as the wheels looking HUGE.. i think they are just right.. in my opinion 17's are as big as you can go w/o lookin crazy... the tokico springs didn't lower it as much as i planned but they are still new so i'll leave them on there until i feel like spending more on some eibachs
  5. let me know what you guys think
  6. okay.... so i finally have the wheels installed on my car under STOCK fenders with only rubbing issues when i turn the wheels all the way to lock, they rub on the lower inner frame rail.. if i had more then a 1/4 SPACER it probly wouldn't rub at all.. also i had to get longer wheel studs for the front but the back is fine.. i have some pics uploaded up at hybridz.org i'll see if they will work here
  7. i didn't post this info b4 but i do drive a 280z not a 240 and i think the wheels might work with a 1/4 spacer in the front and none in the back.. i think my issue now is trying to get them to fit without rubbing on the fender lip
  8. so only one rim came in today and i'm thinking that i will def have to get spacers for the front.. i already had spacers for my old mag wheels but i think i'll need thicker ones for these but the back looks like it might actually be ok i'm not sure but i'll keep you guys posted
  9. yeah guys thanks for the input.. i'm kinda nervous b/c i don't think i will be even trying to get these wheels to fit my car.. i think i'm just going to call 18gracing.com and send them back as soon as they get here and i find out that they wont fit
  10. hey guys thanks for the replies... i talked to 18gracing.com and i was told that these rims would def. fit.. BUT i guess they were just trying to get a quick sale out of me
  11. okay i posted in the open discustion forum "by mistake" but i'm just wondering b/c after a couple of searches i haven't really seen anything cut and dry... i have a stock suspension setup except for tokico springs/illuminas.. and i'm wondering if 17x7.5 rotas with a 20mm offset will fit
  12. is anyone running this 17x7.5 with a 20mm offset? on a stock setup.. all i have installed is tokico illuminas/shocks and i'm wondering if the wheels that i've ordered will fit my car.. the company that i ordered them through told me that they would fit but i'm not sure and no one has really given me a a yes or a no.. and if not what kind of spacers would i need to get them to fit?
  13. yeah my point exactly but i don't think the spoiler/air dam is perfect i would do something diffent with the turn sigs and i would def try to make it fit better around the lights, i guess i'm going to have to custom make myown By the way the blue car is mine i took the pic with my camera
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