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  1. Yokohama S Drive 205 55 15 on Konig Rewinds
  2. Yes new paint in July just finishing the interior now.
  3. After 6 years nearly done!
  4. 66 lbs that,s crazy ,also $1300 wow.It does look beautiful though.
  5. My old cinder block garage was freezing this winter.Same for me waiting for calm weather to paint my z.Shop is right on the ocean very windy really blows thru it.Grannyknot this is absolutely amazing work it will be such a beauty
  6. Stanley if i won the lotto a F86 Sabre.
  7. Like to find a Volvo P1800 ,cool looking if slow car.
  8. I have owned my 88 RX7 for 14 years.Most reliable car i have ever had.Not much torgue but more then quick enough.Excellent handling car.The 2nd generation gets no respect but is an excellent car.
  9. I have a set of excellent original chrome bumpers,and a set of harrington stainless bumpers.They look identical both in shape and shine sitting next to each other.
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