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  1. Thanks, cleaned up spacer and now noticed the new airtex pump has a slightly different mold. Has a larger outer perimeter. Still seems to fit up against the block fine just that it extends beyond the spacer in certain areas. The pump is the airtex 1080 from motorsport auto. Will this matter or am I okay to use it? Thanks
  2. Thanks everyone. Got it off this morning. Now the spacer is stuck good to the old pump and working to get it off without damaging it, very difficult so far. Questions 1. there was no gasket between the block and the spacer, but the new kit came with one, should i put one between the block and spacer on the reinstall? 2. Should i use some type of gasket compund spread thinly on the gaskets? If yes, any recommendations in case brand matters? 3. If my existing spacer cannot be reused, does any one know where to get one the best replacement? several sites say it it no longer available but will have to wait till tomorrow to call any of the nissan sites they appear to have it but you never know if there websites are just not updated with correct inventory. Thanks
  3. Thanks guys. Just wanted to make sure I didn't break the two fixed bolts off, I'll take the cover off and tap around with a putty knife and see what happens.
  4. Hello Hope I am not missing something obvious here. I have a 71 240z (HLS3016707) that i am trying to remove the fuel pump and not sure what i am missing in trying to remove it. I have removed the main bolt on the bottom and the nuts from the two bolts coming out of the block. It is not moving at all. See attached photos. Have seen some other posts about having to remove some other adjacent items but i cannot see how anything else is holding it. Anyone have full removal instructions or pictures of what i need to do. Thanks for any help. Replacing it since I have oil running out of the side of the pump from the weep hole. Keith
  5. Thanks - if nothing else you led me to another good site to read
  6. FUJITSUBO LEGALIS R EXHAUST SYSTEM DATSUN 240Z 260Z 280Z S30 | Whitehead Performance 71 240z Series I Anyone have any experience with this and the sound it would produce. Not looking for anything extremely loud. Read just about every forum related to exhaust and still looking. Thanks
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