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  1. That’s great info I am going to check out there site right away thank you so much zspert!??
  2. Dude

    Spot welding

    Well I trust someone that has used them and gives it a good word so I will save up my pennies to get my hands on them thanks for the info ???
  3. Dude

    Spot welding

    Patcon I had a question I looked up bad dog sway bar plates which I want to get now but the frame rails cost a little over $200 for the fight I think a little over $100 for the back but I saw them on zcardepot $89 my question to you is does “bad dog” make better frame rails replacements? Or are they the same thing?
  4. Dude

    Spot welding

    Ok ?? I’m glad I asked and especially glad for the “fire” ? tip! Hope it wasn’t to crazy. I made a copy of your response so I can do some research because I’m not going to lie I don’t know where all of those spots are but I really appreciate you giving me a map! ???
  5. I was wanting to know if it is worth it to spot weld the seams on my 240z if so is it worth it to do the whole car or just certain portions of the car? I want to use it for track racing and every day driving , also I was about to spray the car with rubber undercoating and I want to spot weld before if it’s better to do so. I know there are some pros on this forum they can give me the best advice
  6. Dude


    Ok everybody I now feel more confident on getting this done with all the advice I was given, and it’s great advice and makes a lot of sense to bag and tag and to use thin wire to keep it all together! Thanks ?
  7. Dude


    This is going to be more of a hassle trying to figure out what is the most important parts to platte first
  8. Dude


    This is going to be tricky to figure out what to platt and not?
  9. Dude


    Well I have my work cut out for me thanks ??
  10. Dude


    WOW can’t say I want to go as far as the eternals but I would like to some main pieces done. Is there a basic list of the parts I could get platted?
  11. Dude


    I am tearing down my 70 to 240z and before I put it together I want to get some parts plated just wanted to know if anyone happens to have a list of every part that I can get plated on my car before I put it all together?
  12. I have learned that replacing everything on my 240z takes special fabrication, knowing someone that can help, and luck! ? so thank you once again ??
  13. Right on I’m tackling it tomorrow and probably just gonna cut the off cause the very brittle
  14. Ok now I feel more confident on getting it done! And honestly I might as well get all new rubber since I got it all apart anyways and thanks for the site cause that’s always a pain trying to find the best place to get parts! ??
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