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  1. ZKars great thanks for the info I now have a good plan on what to do 👍🏼
  2. Heyitsrama yup you’re right someone messaged me to use sheet metal that is used for making the frames on homes, to bad there is no one that just makes a kit 😅
  3. Dude, I think you meant metal to mount the VintageAir Mini. If that is correct, I found a variety of shapes in sheet metal at Home Depot and Lowes used in lumber framing. One I used was a "T" shape and I bent the tail at the base of the cross member. Mounted the cross member on the transmission tunnel with the tail pointing up. Other shapes attached to the firewall.  

    1. Dude


      Djwarner ok great! That is actually more help then you could know 👍🏼 I will go to Lowe’s/Home Depot and start hunting also how exactly did you bend them to shape? Is there a tool I could buy? “ there is never a bad excuse to buy another tool” 😜

    2. djwarner


      Actually they bend quite easily. A bench vise will hold it while you push it over. Use a rubber mallet to flatten the bend to a sharp corner.

    3. Dude


      Sweet now I can buy a bench vice and get started! 👍🏼 Thanks again 😬

  4. Derek can you please tell me what type of metal used to melt the AC unit under the dash and if you could tell me where you purchased them ?
  5. zKars I saw an older post where you had installed the GEN two mini I was wondering if you had pictures of the brackets you use to mount the unit under the dashboard and if so what metal used and where I could purchase that metal ?
  6. Djwarner can you please tell me what type of metal used to melt the AC unit under the dash and if you could tell me where you purchased them ?
  7. Hello Derek I was kind a hoping that you might be able to copy brackets that you made for your AC unit under the dash and I could pay you for them because that is one of my biggest dilemmas right now? Please let me know and if it’s not possible if you could tell me to dimensions of the brackets and what type of metal do used ? Thank you and advance
  8. Thank you zKars yes it was the four bolts on the block that were 10×1.5 mm As for the length it came out to be 7/8 of an inch I just have to find bolts that short that a 10.9 strength Metric now 👍🏼😬
  9. Does anyone know the size, length ,and pitch of the bolts that hold the bracket for the compressor on in L24 engine?
  10. Dude

    Vintage air generation two brackets

    Hi atomicdoug Actually I did but with no luck 😑 I figured he must be really busy? But I really like his videos but hopefully he will be able to get back to me, but thanks for the advice 👍🏼
  11. I’m hoping somebody can help me figure out the measurements for the bracket sizes under the dash to hold the AC unit. Its a vintage air generation two that I’m trying to throw into my 70 to 240z. There’s an example of what I need below from pictures I pulled off someone’s Instagram
  12. Hi after 4 years saving I have just purchased the "Trac Pac" from Arizona Z Car ; but I am wanting to use the diff from a 240sx or 300zx becuase of 408 gear ratio. Anyway my problem is that I am stuck trying to figure out what axle stube and size axle shafts to use?? can someone please help or direct me to where I can find some help thanks
  13. Dude

    Arizona Z Car Brakes/Suspension

    Hi after 4 years of saving up I just bought the "trac Pak"from ARizona Z car but I wanted to go with the R200 from a 240sx or 300zx because of the diff's 408 gear ratio, but I can't figure out what stove axles axle shafts to use for this modification. Do you know we're I can get some help or if you have any suggestions?

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