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  1. Nice to see carpet under the seat! Looks nicer than what I did. 😯
  2. @jayhawk, thanks for all the information! I’ll email privately.
  3. If you're around come by, I would love to meet you!
  4. San Marino sounds like a very nice show! I'm going to try and make Huntington Beach the week before. This will be the first show I have ever done!
  5. An absolute beautiful job. Rich are you and Bob planning on taking the car to any Concours shows in CA? I won't have a chance if you do!😱
  6. Rich you are doing a fantastic job! I sure wish I restored my Z AFTER I found this site! The hardest thing I had was trying to get the correct bolts, nuts or washers after I stripped or broke several trying to get them out. Also finding the correct size fuel lines using the original clamps is no easy chore. I sure wish I knew where you get some of these!
  7. I just met the owner of this car (very nice guy!) and would like to meet and talk to Motorman7 one of these days! I just finished a full restoration on my 73! Keep up the good work!
  8. 240Z73


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