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  1. Oops, I mean I'm not 100% sure about the correct color being gold.
  2. Rich, I'm 100% sure about the color being gold, but these are silver. What do you think?
  3. Thanks for the information Rich. I'm going to look into having some exact 1973 decals made. As long as they have an adhesive backing, installing them would be very similar to installing window film. Use a mild soapy solution, once positioned where you want it, use a firm rubber squeegee and there should be no bubbles (as long as you cleaned the lint and dust off).👍
  4. Was the material similar to a sticker with a self adhesive backing?
  5. Rich where did you get the Tune-Up Emissions decal on the hood, 1973?
  6. Out of curiosity, what are the 4 screws on top of the black painted radiator support used for?
  7. You may want to try Z Car Source of Arizona. At the time about 3 years ago, only the left was available new. I had to re-drill a few holes and flip it to the other side, the end has a slight taper.
  8. My antenna does not go all the way down, is this one for an early 69 Z? If so, I'll trade anyone for one that does.
  9. Looks like I don't have that piece, sorry.
  10. Nice to see carpet under the seat! Looks nicer than what I did. 😯
  11. @jayhawk, thanks for all the information! I’ll email privately.
  12. If you're around come by, I would love to meet you!
  13. San Marino sounds like a very nice show! I'm going to try and make Huntington Beach the week before. This will be the first show I have ever done!
  14. An absolute beautiful job. Rich are you and Bob planning on taking the car to any Concours shows in CA? I won't have a chance if you do!😱
  15. Rich you are doing a fantastic job! I sure wish I restored my Z AFTER I found this site! The hardest thing I had was trying to get the correct bolts, nuts or washers after I stripped or broke several trying to get them out. Also finding the correct size fuel lines using the original clamps is no easy chore. I sure wish I knew where you get some of these!
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