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  1. luial

    '71 240Z wire harness, hinges, misc parts

    Hi Gerry, How does $500 for all shipped to CA 90248 sound? Regards, Luis
  2. luial

    '71 240Z wire harness, hinges, misc parts

    Hi, I'd like to take your steel rims set (I presume they are factory originals) and your side mirrors. Please reply her or via pm how much you want for them. Thank you.
  3. Nice info HS30-H. I'll drop them an email informing of my visit. Thank you!
  4. Will be traveling to Japan for vacation with family next week. Need a few items for my '73 240Z like Headers, muffler and Kameari parts. Appreciate very much some leads. Thank you.
  5. luial


  6. Interested. pm sent
  7. luial

    Unicorn Alert: Rubber Steering Coupler

    pm sent
  8. luial

    Unicorn Alert: 240Z Fan Shroud

    Interested. pm sent
  9. luial

    E31 Head and Steering rack for sale

    Please post prices. Thank you.
  10. luial

    1970 240Z HLS30- 06026 For Sale (original)

    No competition really. I'm out of the race. I don't want to deal with someone who is so unprofessional.
  11. luial

    1970 240Z HLS30- 06026 For Sale (original)

    Exactly! I don't think tse4me is serious in selling the car. I posted that I'd buy it and also pm'd him about it but nothing from him (he could have told me that his original asking price was too low). Not even a simple apology about his mistake in pricing.
  12. I'd like to purchase your fuel rail set for $80 shipped (I understand it comes with the banjo fittings). Please pm me you PayPal info. (shipping to CA 91344)
  13. luial

    1970 240Z HLS30- 06026 For Sale (original)

    I'll take it. pm sent.

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