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  1. kunzma

    Body line

    Thanks for the pics and input. It looks to be less prominent then elsewhere but still there above the rear arch and gone from the front arch. Hopefully my body guy can get it right.
  2. kunzma

    Body line

    So my 1971 240Z is in the paint shop. My body man asked about the body line that runs just above the wheel arches. Question relates to this line seeming to disappear or fade out at the arches. How prominent is this body line at the arches on the cars that still have original paint?
  3. kunzma

    Separate lower joint and pinion

    I used a pickle fork.
  4. kunzma

    FYI - 240Z Dashboards

    I sent an email for Series 1 dash for my Jan 1971 240Z.
  5. kunzma

    How Long is your Front Sway Bar?

    Wondering if you still have the old sway bar? Need one for my 71.
  6. kunzma

    240z Series-1 Hatch Duct Clips - $50/set

    55$ sent via PayPal for a set. Thanks!
  7. kunzma

    240z Series-1 Hatch Duct Clips - $50/set

    What is the inner thickness dimension of the clip? I don't see it listed.
  8. What is the inner thickness dimension? Looked back at the thread's drawings and I don't see it listed.
  9. kunzma

    240z Series-1 Hatch Duct Clips - $50/set

    Missed this by a few months.
  10. kunzma

    Wiper motor buzzes

    Opened up an extra wiper motor that I had on the shelf to compare. Found it to also be missing the contact on the one side of the tabs. Consulted with a specialist. There is not supposed to be a contact there! This is a design feature of the relay. This tab doesn't touch when the switch is off. I bent the tab back to it's original position. Will have to wait on the test for a couple of weeks to see what else could be the cause of the humming.
  11. kunzma

    Wiper motor buzzes

    Finally got the pics onto my computer. First pic shows that the 3 copper tab all have silver contacts on the side that is pulled to the electro magnet. Second pic shows the spring side of the copper tab that doesn't have the silver colored contact. I didn't find the contact rattling around inside. The third is the tabs removed from the relay and the spring side missing the contact. The fourth pic shows the magnet side of the tabs with all three contacts.
  12. kunzma

    Wiper motor buzzes

    Ok. 1. Humming is definitely coming from the relay that is strapped to the wiper motor. 2. Couple of whacks with the hammer didi not eliminate the humming. 3. Disconnected the wire harness to the wiper motor. Removed the bolt holding the strap on the relay. Removed the two screws holding the relay cover. Inspected the internal workings of the relay and found all the connections looked secure and there was no sign of any corrosion or arcing. I did find one of the contacts was missing on the side of the tabs that touches when the switch is off. When the relay is de-energized these tabs are held in contact there by the spring on top of the relay. I slightly bent the tab with the missing contact so it would touch more firmly. Reinstalled the cover and strap on the relay. Bench test result is ....no humming! (I find out later from a reliable source that I shouldn't have bent this tab.) While I have this disassembled should I put on a new silver contact? Thought I read in the forum that they are silver and not regular electrical solder. Was there ever a contact? Thanks Namerow for your help!

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