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  1. I would love to bring this car back to its former glory and stock configuration, but I plan on working on this car for a while and on a budget. So as much as I can save I would love to just keep things as they are. I am honestly really happy that the carbs have already been changed though because I kept reading about how much the flat tops were difficult and was feeling intimidated by them.
  2. Thanks so much for your knowledge Steve, I feel like I'm in over my head here but I'm planning on giving it my all. I am trying to read up about the Webers on the forum, I guess they are an upgrade from the flat tops at least. I did not even realize that about the fuel rails, that is definitely something I have to look into. Regarding the fuel rails would a stock one be compatible? Or do I have to rig something up? I know the dust on it is crazy, its been sitting outside no tarp 😞
  3. Hey guys I am so excited to be buying my first z, I've always loved these cars and wanted to start a project car. This a 74 260z that has been sitting for about 5 years, I read Carl Beck's guide on how to get this car running, and my plan is to check the tank, change all fuel lines, change all fluids, and replace any hoses and belts, and clean up the carbs. To be completely honest with you I have never worked on a car this old or on carbs before. I am trying to identify if it has the flat tops or the SUs from the earlier zs. I dont think it's stock but if you guys could help me out with what i
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