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  1. You guys are a lot more fun than the Vette guys...
  2. You gottt mee ther yuk yuk yuk duh
  3. It's an idiot test. Press once = Just currious Press twice = Slow learner Press three times = idiot Rip it out and throw it away = Genious
  4. I have never found the stock clutch to be inadequate.... Under 200 hp you do not need more than stock... That is of course if you use the clutch properly.. I find too many people want to try for a tire spin in second and even third gear. This is not good for your equipment, and does not get you down the road any faster.. It just destroys clutches.. A good fresh clutsh will easily put down more rubber in first gear than you need or want to deploy... After all if you are spinning the tires you are making a good show for others, but you are not putting the car down the road, just making smoke. The goal of a aggressive take off is to beat the competition,, execessive tire spin is not to your advantage... Tire spin is only used to keep the engine in the optimum power band during the take off. If all goes well the tires will grap quickly and the car will be propelled down the track... In second gear there is no need to spin the tires, because when you shift the engine should fall right into the right RPM for the power to be on tap... thus a tire spin now will only be a waste of time and a waste of equipment... Always alow the clutch to seat before applying power,,, and your clutch will probably never fail again.. I have put well over 200,000 miles on stock cutches , and driven agressively the whole time.... It's the method not the equipment...You can burn out any clutch, if it is used improperly.. Nuf said.. I will now step off of the soap box.
  5. True sad, but the deminishing numbers only makes the remaining units more valuable...
  6. No... I will probably look in from time to time.. The discussions have been good... I have also joined a corvette page, to begin learning how to live with the new kind of beast.... My Z will go if someone buys it.. I have way too much money in it to just give it away... So who knows I may have it for a while..
  7. I have liked being part of the discussions... But when the fat lady sings.... Anyway here is my new alternative ride..
  8. Heck, a motor is just a source of power.... If you could run faster and perform better on the track with any piece of hardware better than any other piece... Then deciding to stay away from it based on some misguided sence of loyalty to a brand name, or theology ,,, only ensures your losing the race.... If that is not your goal why drive a sports car??? Speed knows no religion.... as I have heard somewhere before,, "If your not winning , you are losing"" If the goal is fun, and you are not having enough fun get a new box to play with... Datsun, Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Corvette.... It really does not matter... The trick is what works for you.... The guys that designed these cars did not go home at night an kiss their designs... They did it for the money, and their families.... Had another company offered them more they would have worked for the competition....Thats the key word competition.... I do not believe that any automobile is any more than a tool... If it does a great job, and is efficient, great. But if you have to bust your arse to make it almost keep up with a car costing half as much,,,, who is winning?? Sorry guys, I have joined the ranks of corvette owners... I may not be the fastest, But I feel good... Z for sale anyone???? I have one now..
  9. smg1404


    FUnny how all of these names are based on food...
  10. I am probably selling out... I am just having too much conflict between the family needs and the car in the garage... I like working on the car. But I like it to be when I want too not when I need to..... I have also found a great deal on a Vette.... Sorry guys but I guess I am too lazy for this fight any more.... If anyone wants a '73 with lots of brand new good parts, that runs like a scalded dog let me know.... I guess I am just getting lazy in my old age...... It's been fun. See ya at the track Steve.
  11. I have made all of my solid mounts.... Just take the old parts from a broken unit, burn out all of the rubber with a torch, and weld some steel in where the rubber was... Easy as cake... and almost free, (my favorite price).
  12. I had this problem on my 280 several years ago... I made a tool from 3/4" X 1/8" flat stock... Maybe 30 to 36 inches long.. It was notched, bent, and rewelded to make a shape somewhat like a C that curved back the other way on top... I ground the end to fit into the hole at the botton of the latch... It took a bit of trial and error but worked great when finished. I opened the hood by sliding my arm under the car and slipping the tool up from below. once I found the hole it opened right up.
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