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  1. Hey jim, I ran into the same problem with the spalling rockers. On my fresh rebello engine, I made the mistake of using the wrong kind of oil. Just some off the shelf high mileage semi synthetic (with extra zinc). On the first go around, my cam survived, but the rockers didn't. I replaced all 12 rockers with nissan ones, and ran joe gibbs hot rod motor oil with lucas zinc additive and I had no issues. So the next summer, I used Amsoil ZROD oil. Big mistake, this time the spalling occurred on my camshaft and some on my rockers. I ended up replacing both camshaft and rockers. I think with our engines, you might need some extra zinc especially if the engine has a bigger cam. I know that this information is irrelevant now that you have re-grinds, the cheapest OEM rockers can be obtained from Kameari engine works from japan. Yup, japan! I got a set of 12 for $450 Canadian shipped to my door. Cheaper than local dealers and courtesy parts.
  2. I have zero issues with fumes on cars. I did a complete resto of the car so I can't pinpoint what fixed the issue. Replacing all the gasket, seals and grommets is what i did anyways. I shaved the antenna hole so that also eliminated an area for leaks. i also discovered a tube from the power antenna going down to a drain hole at the very bottom of the left rear wheel well by the muffler. Since I no longer have an antenna, i plugged that hole with a grommet. My car is a early 260z.
  3. oh ok. The GTX model, I'm not sure. But their other version will have issues. By the looks of it, the GTX tension rod looks more similar to AZC. Should be ok
  4. hey mark, are you planning on running TTT tension rods in the front? if so, be careful. The TTT front tension rods will not work with the AZC short steering knuckles. It will interfere with the steering travel. Knuckle will hit the tension rod before the steering rack reaches full travel.... I found this out myself
  5. takayuki


  6. I'd take you out for a spin for sure! My work schedule isn't working in my favor this year for almost all car shows. Work every long weekend too. blahhhh. I hope the z club show'n shine lands on my days off.
  7. Nice progress mark! KMS tools west edmonton carries eastwood products. Not everything, but I did see they had some bodywork related products.
  8. Good day to do some drifting buddy!  ;)

    1. takayuki


      Had to do a few on my way to the airport this morning. :)

    2. wheee!


      Stay safe brother.... hope to see you this spring!

    3. takayuki


      thanks mark! you too! I hope to see your completed project soon! :)

  9. yeah, things just didn't line up this year with my work and My car was down for 1/2 of the summer for various reasons. Hopefully, I have it sorted out. Next year!
  10. looking good mark! can't wait till i see this on the road
  11. thanks for the replies! I'm going to try the hot water method first.... if not.. i'm gonna let this leak until I rebuild the tranny with a different gearset....
  12. I have a bad transmission control shaft o-ring. Hoping that this is something i can do without having to remove the transmission. I had an extra transmission lying around so I thought i should play around with it before I fix the actual transmission that is in the car. So far, I removed shifter, and a pin with a clip that is on the external part of the transmission, and a plug with a spring and a plunger. I also removed the cap that is staked in at the end of the transmission control shaft. I can pull the control shaft far enough to expose the o-ring,but i am unable to pull the shaft out completely. I highly doubt that i can work the new o-ring into place. There are some obstacles to deal with. My question is, can this o-ring be replaced without having to disassemble the transmission? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6QMNI1hrz_iWVJzVjBWZEpuNXc/view?usp=sharing
  13. New and never mounted. I purchased this a while ago, but decided not to use it. These sell for $299 from MSA. Asking $290US including shipping to anywhere in US mainland or Canada. *note* these will not fit the 280z and the 260z.
  14. mark, I took my fuel tank to Hunter radiators on the south side of edmonton. So far, no issues. I refinished my tank with Line-X, Turned out great! hides all the imperfections.
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