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  1. And search "datsun 240z". Alot of these guys seem to be driving on the wrong side of the road. I think there is a club member or two on these clips.
  2. Hi. PM me with your mailing address and I will send them. All I want is postage. Glad you can use them
  3. Got some back issues of ZCar Magazine and ZCar and Classic Datsun magazines available. I did some searching for a value for them but did not find anything. If you want ALL of them, pay for postage and I will mail them. Issues: ZCar Mag Fall 1996, Spring 1997, Summer 1997, Nov/Dec 1997; ZCar and Classic Datsun Jan/Feb 1998, Mar/Apr 1998, Sept/Oct 1998, Summer 1999 and Winter 1999. Send a PM but I do not check it much, but will do so more ofter now. Be patient if you do not hear from me right away. First come first served. I am near Portland Oregon.
  4. Too bad Bambikiller is not around to contribute to this thread. International help is on the way: Sri Lanka (of all places!) is sending aid and El Savador has offered to send national guard troops. I am sure there are others in addition to these and Canada. Bush claimed in a television appearance Thursday, "No one ever imagined the levees breaking". Add this to to his Irac policy and you wonder what sort of man is leading this country.
  5. Try Sports Car Center, INC. Not on the west side of town but they do good work. 7745 N.E. Sandy. 503-288-8101.
  6. Set of four on eBay. Currrent price $152.20 with one day left. Item 4550498803.
  7. Do you mind telling us how much you paid for that beautuful car?
  8. Fram--I like the black grip on them.
  9. How about other choices of shirt color? Lt blue? Color that looks good with the logo colors. Logo with car.
  10. After they are dry, use some black shoe dye on them if you do not want to use a restoration service. Mine were very faded and the black dye worked very well.
  11. David--by all means, let us know what you get for the car. Sort of planning on selling mine next spring, and although a West Coast car, it will give me an idea of where to start.
  12. Yes, instigator, definitly read this book. It makes clear who is in charge. Another good one is Kitty Kelly's book The Family. I have been uable to pick it up to finnish it since the election outcome. It also makes it perfectly clear who is in charge. Remember that Florida, Georga, S.and N. Carolina and Virginia are also on the east coast and are part of the sand box you are maligning. Texas is also a sand box, well I would really call it a potty box. Really enjoying this thread.
  13. You seem to be taking all of the heat here. You state that "... you are what you make of yourself." GWB is not a selfmade man. His parents, grandparents, Yale supporters, Carl Rove, and other finnancial and religeous backers made him. He is putty in the hands of these people. So, if what you say is true, and GWB is a selfmade man, well you do not have to think very deeply to visualize what he made of himself. :stupid:
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