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  1. real Toyota 2000GT convertible is dam rare
  2. nice car,.. buy from car agent or ....how much it cost? and the shipping cost is expensive right.?
  3. hi alfa, any news discover on this 240k and share with us? thx
  4. sounds like a "interesting seller".
  5. hi alfa, i am interest on this car,.you can go look at it in person during the week. , waiting your nice help and inspection. i will bid it, dpends your professional advise on this car. thx
  6. wow,,. last week i saw this car in hong kong,. the condition is very nice. love a lot, hope can get one.
  7. wht the difference between 240k and kpgc110 ??? it seems this car is different to alfa's 110
  8. is someone here know this car sold? how to contact the seller?
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