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FS: 1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R Replica (Datsun 240K)


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FOR SALE: 1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R Replica (Datsun 240K)

It is with great regret I have to sell this car that has been my passion for the last three years. I acquired this immaculate car in early 2003 from its original owner. She was given the car for her 60th birthday from her mother, and then at 90 decided she might like a new car. Thanks to her, the car was in amazing condition when I got it. Easily the best I have ever seen. An ideal candidate for a transformation into what it is today - something quite entirely different. I must thank all who have helped, especially Alan Thomas whom without his guidane this could have never happened!

I will give a brief overview of most of the things that I've done, but I'm sure I will have forgotten something.


- October 1973 Built, Australian-delivered Datsun 240K 2-Door Hardtop (KHGC110-003929)

- I am the second owner.

- Odometer reads about 22,000km (5 digit, it has rolled over at least once)

- Original matching-numbers L24 engine (entire drivetrain is much the same as 240Z/240C, so parts are easily obtainable)

- An early build, it has all the same "bits" as a GT-R (interior vents, rear bumper reflectors, etc.)

Other Details:

- Overfenders & spoilers from Kameari Engine Works, painted and fitted at time of full respray (not in boot, bonnet etc., but car has always been white)

- JDM Skyline GT-R Tail Lights + GT-R chrome rings (very rare!! Only just bought them)

- NOS rear bumper, front bumper, GT-R Skyline Badging (all badges were new, but some paint has flaked off the 'R' front and back), numberplate lights, dash vents, rear beaver panel, door latch, etc. (small parts here and there)

- GT-R badging includes front GT-R badge, Rear Quarter Skyline badges, Rear Quarter “GT” red badges, Quarter vents restored, rear panel Skyline and GT-R badges, interior “Skyline” dash badge. ALL proper C110 items, all new. No shortcuts.

- Front GT-R fibreglass grille (needs respray)

- All stainless steel trim recently repaired and polished

- Brushed aluminium dash panel (like GT-R)

- Brushed aluminium centre console inserts (not installed, but easily done)

- Authentic Watanabe RS-8 wheels Type A 14x7.5J and Type R 14x9J, repainted and polished & Watanabe centre caps & Watanabe lug nuts (comes with lock nuts too)

- New shocks, springs and tyres mid-2005 (low but practical)

- Minor rust removed from right dogleg, rear right wheel well, rear left wheel well and under windscreen (all common areas) – there are still a few areas that need attention, no structural rust. Front right fender and behind left wheel well have crows feet a bit.

- GT-R Fender mirrors (original mirror position welded up)

- Lower side chrome strips removed, welded and painted for GT-R look

- Converted from automatic to 5-speed with heavy duty 280ZX clutch + Japanese C110-style aluminium gear knob

- Dual Hitachi carbs from 240Z

- Reconditioned radiator last year

- Electronic Ignition + New Coil + Leads + Plugs a couple of months ago

- New Oil Pressure Sender this week

- Recon'd 5-speed gearbox this week

- Alarm + central locking + Immobiliser

- 2.25" Exhaust from manifold back, with single Lukey muffler at the end (extractors possibly)

- New front windscreen early last year

- New rear wheel cylinders & Front brake pads early this year

- Nardi 360mm Steering Wheel

Also comes with:

- 240K Service Manual, KPGC110 Service Manual, books, magazines etc. to get you started.

- Spare RHS window (you never know when you might need to replace it...)

- Front brake upgrade (Hilux calipers, Accord discs ("bolt-on" upgrade))

- And heaps of other spares...

The interior is in amazing condition, except has a small (3cm) rip in the lower side of the driver's seat, and a crack in the dash (can get redone for $300). Everything's original or has been replaced with NOS parts. I've only used it for driving around so didn't need a serious race interior, but Nissan did offer a Sports Option part colloquially called a “Datsun Bucket”, which is similarly styled and provides much more support if you do want to drive seriously - and is period correct.

Exterior is amazingly straight - but as you'd expect it is not perfect. Worst panel is probably the front left fender, which has a couple of minor dings from doors. You can't really notice unless someone points it out though. There is a bit of rust that has started to rear its ugly head. Other bad bits... someone bumped into the left fender mirror and took some paint off the fender, it needs to be sanded back and tuoched up. All pretty minor things that I just haven't got around to doing yet. The beauty of this car is that even though it is very rare in its current guise, it's still as reliable as any Datsun. Unfortunately I'm moving to a new job in Melbourne in January, and just can’t justify owning the car that has honestly been the major part of my life since I got it.

I've seen many C110s but to be frank, I haven’t seen a better example - which is why I chose this one as an ideal candidate. A true case of the "little old lady" car, I don't expect to ever find one like it again. The odometer is only 5 digits and was at about 80,000 when I got it, so I’m not sure if that meant 80,000km or 180,000km, but for a car of this age it has minor importance. I do not know of any other good completed replicas outside of Japan. It’s amazing how many people stop and stare - it's definitely not for the timid. Ideally, I'd like to put in a mild L28 so that it had more performance to match the looks, but I am satisfied with it as it is and it keeps me out of trouble.

I have lowered my asking price to $14,000 AUD, which is a fraction of what's gone into it. Offers ok. PM, email or phone on home: (07) 55 279 002 / mob: 0402 506 902.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

More pictures in my gallery.

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Mr. McCombe, have you lost your mind? Over the past couple years, we've all watched in absolute rapt attention, the meticulous steps you've taken to build this car. Your quest to build this car can not only be described as a labor of love, but of lust and passion as well. Selling this car must be equal to selling a limb at this point, at least it would to me.

Now that that is off my chest..... OH GOD do I want this car!!!

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i believe this situation calls for prayer and intercession

:disappoin :stupid: :cry::finger:

seriously, this is not just some old datsun that you can replace easily

ship it to melby and put it in storage

if you only drive it once or twice a year, so what?

at least nobody will smack into your fender mirrors :knockedou

and when your life gets settled, your beloved will be waiting for you :love:

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If I had the money I'd buy it without hesitation.

If possibleI hang onto that one Lachlan, that's looks real special, and as you say, you haven't seen a better one (and you probably won't). That really does stand out & looks fantastic.

It's not an easy decision but I guess if you do let it go just savour what you done, have as many pics as possible, and be sure it goes to the right person, not some hoon who won't appreciate what it is.

Best of luck either way mate.

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Hey, famous web star . . . DON'T SELL IT ! ! ! ! You'll never, ever get another one this good. I've only been here for a short while and I feel as though a part of me is getting sold off. Keep it in storage if you must. If you must sell it, take Jim's advice and make sure it goes to a good home and not to some butcher who will cut it up and make "improvements"

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Don't sell it, Lachlan. Put it into storage or something. You've put too much blood, sweat and tears into it over the years.

If you sell it, you'll regret it forever.

Congrats on the new job, by the way, but don't make any rash decisions. Maybe even put it into storage up here for a few months till you find your feet in Melbourne. When you get a house with at least double garage, you can keep the GTR safely stored away, and buy a cheap charade[1] for the daily commute.

Trust me on this.

[1] Cheap generic boring commuter that's cheap to run and doesn't matter if it gets scratched, dinged, stolen etc.

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Having made a similarly big move for work 6 months ago (Townsville -> Brisbane) and having had to leave my zed car back in T'ville for that time, let me tell you it sucks! You will miss that car something stupid! I can't wait to get up to T'ville in over x-mas and take it for a drive, not to mention finally getting it down here in around January. I can understand you probably could really use the $$$ in your pocket to pay for the move, but it's not worth it at the end of the day. You've put too much into that car to let it go. :cry:

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Only a fool would sell this car, and judging from the time and effort you have invested in it, you are no fool.

KEEP THE CAR (or send it to theianmonster, for safekeeping-free of charge, since he just lost his beloved), or you will regret it something fierce.

Seriously, if you MUST sell it, take your time and check out her suitors, and thier intentions, that way you will at least be able to rest easy knowing she is in GREAT (not just good) hands.

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If I had the money I'd buy it without hesitation.

Same here.

Maybe we should put together a small medium term loan group so that Lachlan doesn't need to sell it for the move. Shouldn't take him too long to repay the debt, especially as we could leave the car with and hold the keys until the loan was cleared!!

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Don't sell it...If you sell it, you'll regret it forever.Trust me on this.

I did this before. I had a KGC10 in the US that I sold 21 years ago and I still kick myself in the arse for getting rid of it!!!! Man I was stupid.There are a lot of friends here that I am sure would help you out to keep it. I'm with Arne tho also. It is tempting (If I had the money)to buy it and ship it here to the US. DON'T SELL IT!!!!!

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Lachlan - please to hear about the new job in Melbourne :) I moved to Melbourne for 2 years and now back in Auckland - I kept my zed during that time at home in Auckland (well in the brothers panel shop - were still sits today). My advice is this (having sold HS30-00016 in the past for extra $$ for a deposit on my first house....still kicking myself from time to time about that one - if I still owned it I still would not have the $$ to restore it but I would still have it) if you can affort to keep it then do so and only part with it when you can get a real KPGC110

Even if you do have enough $$ to purchase a real KPGC110 then you will still need a replica for track days :) Put the car in storage for the mean time - get settled in Melbourne then make the call then.

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I'm jumping on the "Dont sell it" bandwagon.

Do you need to sell it?

Maybe you could store it at your parents house? If you cancel the rego, it will cost you nothing.

Maybe you could take it to Melbounre with you?

What if the job doesn't work out, and you end up back in Queensland?

Keep the car for now, go work in Melbourne, and decide in 6 months from now. You might feel differently then.

If you need the money for the move, then get a loan.

You can always earn more money, but where can you find another K like yours to replace it, if you decide you want it back?

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yeah don't do it..

I had a pristine 1997 R33 GT-R, ended up selling it to a friend as i hardly ever drove it and wanted something different... i will always kick my self, the car is no where near as good a condition as when i sold it, and i miss it hugely (i am hoping the 240k can fill the hole when she is done, one of the reasons i am going all out).

bottom line is, youve put all the hard work in, and these things (Skylines) tend to run in your blood :) once you lose it, you will want it back, and you WILL be dissapointed if you ever look for another to replace her (let alone ever trying to find all those goodies).

if you DO decide to sell her, i am sure some of us might be interested in any good spares you have :)

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Don't do it - it's probably not what you want to hear... but don't.

Go through the garage and sell all the unused spares on eBay and make some $$ that way, take on a second evening job if you have to but don't sell the car.


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Aussie ... Aussie ... Aussie ... NO! ... NO! ... NO!

Well, if you really must then you must. But do think long and hard about it. Might be better to shove it in storage for 6 months and re visit the decision after you've settled in.

Like everyone else said

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Damn Lachlan...

I never thought it would come to this, i think your car has inspired every one of the c110 owners on this forum. I just couldnt bear to think what will happen to it if sold. Employment is fine and dandy, but at the end of the day, your job will never love you as much as the c110 has...

Sell it if you must.

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Aw shucks, you guys.....

Thank you for all the kind words of support. Yes, it hurts. My priorities have changed though, such is life. Not sure what I will do without a car if it sells - I'll have a lot of spare time! I don't think I'll go far from this forum though, this place and you guys are my second home. :)

Thanks again fellas

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