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  1. Hello all this is my first post on classiczcars. I wanted to share with all of you the amazing news that we have found an original Scarab. It's car number #157. This car has an amazing amount of history and provenance to it. I have tried to post pics several times but have had no luck. I did post some on hybridz. I have included a link at the bottom of the post for any of you that are interested. We are planning a big time restoration for the car, it deserves it! I know we will have lots of questions throughout the restoration. If any of you that have gone through the restoration and have any input that can help, please let us know. Here is the link to the car over at hybridz Scarab #157 found and rescued! - S30 Series - 240z, 260z, 280z - HybridZ
  2. Mike

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    Hi all, Today I added a new feature to the site, it's called the "Member Map"... Feel free to add your location to the map so others can see where we are located. Note, the map is completely voluntary, and when you add your location, you can be specific or as general as you would like. No need to put your exact address in the software. Maps are also only available to other members, they will not be made public. Enjoy the new feature! Member map is available as a menu item to the left. Mike
  3. Hello Everibody.. I'm new here.. After more then 20 years being a member of the dutch zcarclub i'm now a member here! For more then 20 years hobbyed with the Datsun and Nissan Z-cars.. "have owned a lot of them" serviced them and drove ém.. (240z 280zx and the 300zx z31 and z32 non and TT) I now have a part for sale.. A Slalom camshaft, partnr is on it saying: E1031 Lookt it up and it is probebly 99996-E1031 On the packing it say's also: 475 lift / 275 duration. I think it a nice find for someone who likes to make a nice racer from his (or her's) S30? My question is what is it exactly and how rare? Thanks and... what a nice new website!!! Mart
  4. Lit the car up yesterday. Holy smokes! Runs very well. I still have to deal with the brake issue by pulling the wheels and drums and seeing what is going on, but the thing has a nice spine tingling lope at idle and literally shakes the trailer it is chained on to. I couldn't be more pleased so far. I will try to get a video of the engine and the exhaust sound. It's awesome. Siteunseen, nice come back!
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