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Spoilers..Help Needed


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The photos of the spoiler came from an ebay listing. The piece sold for $350. I am still looking - perhaps Japan - which means it is REALLY expensive. I don't know if it is appropriate for my car, which is why I have not looked in to this further. I prefer the BRE style with the brake ducts myself, and I know it's not appropriate for my car!

The E8100 suffix would indicate the part is intended for 260/280 series, however that could also be a supersceeded suffix - easily with Datsun.

I could use some knowledge about the application of this part.

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This is close , the difference is there is no holding clips, the fibreglass just continues [flows] back alond the front apron so the spoiler when looked at from below is "V "shaped, one vee being the mount to the apron.

Second difference is the dimple in the nose. The one I'm trying to replace has no dimple.

Thanks a lot for your help, any idea of it's actual name?

Maybe someone else can chime in here with further info as we are getting very...close.

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Here's the link to MSA's 70-74 air dam page Mike, they might have some different ones if you try the body kit page as well. Those would probably be the Kaminari's and Xenon's though.

I kinda like the fiberglass valence with the small lip at the bottom, less likely to get hit on something and crack it as it doesn't sit quite as low....

Take yer pick.....


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Thanks for the link, I had a pretty thorough look thru it with no luck.

The spoiler that 26th spotted is the closest I've seen.

After a bit of thought I'm pretty convinced it would be a Ozzie AM spoiler produced by a company called Alpha Fibreglass.

With the attachment to the front apron being more in the style of a BodyKit rather than a replacement for the apron, it suggests AM.

Any one down here that has any more details, last I heard was that 1 owner got locked up and the other headed north!

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Originally posted by Zedrally

Unfortunatley, doesn't show the type I'm trying to replace.

Someone mentioned the name stone guard, anyone with any further info?

You got a pic of the one you are trying to replace? even if it is broken, it will still give us an idea what you are looking for.

Does it bolt to the apron? or replace it completely.

Sounds like the non vented BRE Spook spoiler

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The pictures that 26thZ posted are of the Factory "Euro" spoiler and its dedicated front valance panel. The corner valance panels were also fitted with captives when this spoiler was fitted as standard equipment.

They came on all but the very first of the UK-market HS30 cars, and continued through the RS30 models. The Factory parts lists describe it as a "Europe" model part, and I know that other countries apart from the UK had them - but I'm not 100% sure if it was all of them. Certainly the UK models had the spoiler from early 1971. I know there were subtle differences across the years of production, but essentially they stayed the same.

Factory parts list description called it "98300-E8100 ASSY-FRONT AIR SPOILER". I've scanned some pages from the parts lists so that you can see how they showed it. I've also scanned the pages that describe the companion Valance panels, which you will see have superceding numbers too.

The spoiler was made from an expanded Urethane foam material, with the steel mounting brackets cast into it. It looks like rubber and has a smooth outer surface, but when you cut into it you see small bubbles in the material. The problem ( especially for the UK and its weather ) was that the cast-in brackets tended to go rusty and swell up inside the body of the spoiler, and eventually cracked it. Apart from that, the Urethane became brittle over time and started to contract and expand - making it look a funny shape.

They are fairly hard to find in good used condition, and I believe that NOS items that anybody has tucked away are now going to start commanding higher prices. I have friends in Japan who have asked me for these spoilers in the past and supply here in the UK has just about dried up. I have not seen a new one for ages.

Alan T.

( Here's a pic from the parts list ):


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No problem.

If you are going to use that Valance with the captive nuts as the Factory intended, then you will need to use the Quarter Valance panels as well - as they also have captives for the Spoiler in them.

We have LOTS of rusty ones here in the UK if you are interested:classic:

Alan T.

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