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Can't find time to find timing.....


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Ok, the small of it is, my friend says that some sort of a "wedge" needs to lift the chain off the cam and them I can move the cam to TDC. (top dead center.) The dizzy is in the 10 o'clock position looking from the drivers seat tward the front of the car. Both the intake and exhaust valves are closed. This should be in compression, right? Now I can get the car to start but not run. everything works from fuel to ignition. What could the problem be?:cry: I'm planning to rebuild the whole car soon.:dead: :tapemouth starting with the engine. This is just killing me. What should I do about finding the damn timing. My friend also said that I could be 180 degrees off.:stupid: The funny thing is, I have been working on my car with a Gator Grip socket, Dremel and a Gerber.:cross-eye Maybe I should just buy tools and then figure out what the :tapemouth is wrong with her.


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It can only be 180 out of time if the cam gear was taken off the cam and not put back in the correct position, or if the distributor drive gear was removed and not put back in time correctly. Like they said, the distributor will only mount in one position on the drive gear.

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