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  1. I got the old 2 outlet fuel line for the SU's back on and am using the return line incorporated in that. did not solve it though. I have noticed that the rear carby will not get any fuel unless the regulator is turned up to 5psi. Under this pressure, there is no fuel coming out of the hose from the fuel line even when the fuel pump is whirring away.
  2. Checked the float levels and they are okay and in spec. I was daisy chaining but have now redeployed the standard fuel rail line from the SU and coupling one and three to the centre carby. this did not solve the problem either. It is only the first carby that leaks. Will play around with the floats again. Thanks guys - still welcome any further suggesstions. Biker
  3. I have just installed some tripple 40mm Dellorto's and have a problem with the leaking of fuel out of the ram tubes. My undertstanding is that this is caused by too much fuel pressure pushing the fuel past the seat. (The seats are 1.5 size) I have Holley Red fuel pump mounted at the fuel tank and a Speco Fuel Regulator which is mounted just in front of the rocker cover on an L28 motor. However, to get enough pressure to the third carby, I need to push the regulator up to 5psi which causes the first 2 carbys to flood. If I turn the fuel regulator down to 3psi the carbys stop leaking but the thrid carby does not get any fuel. I have changed the hoses around to try and get more pressure to the rear carby but without result. Not sure if this is the problem but would welcome any ideas, e.g. setting up a fuel rail, multiple fuel lines? Has anyone else encountered this issue? Thanks for your help in advance Biker
  4. Thanks Escanlon for your definitive description of how to place on the seals. The previous owner just stuck somne rubber insertion to the side of the capping that goes over the metal edge. I was totally confused by this. lot clearer now regards biker:)
  5. Thanks for the advice and encouragement guys. The stripes in the photo do look off over the top of the bonnet but it is the angle of the camera (I had to look twice myself). My wife and I laid the guide tape and I was quite happy to use my eye but she was pedantic and measured the line spacing at every 200mm. I was nearly pulling my hair out and in frustration stuffed up the rear stripe below the bumper bar. Ended up fixing that problem okay. However, I had to cut my losses as I was starting to get disenchanted. After several months of painting and sanding and painting and sanding etc etc i was glad to see the back of the job. I can always respray it quite easily as I now have a decent base to work with. Would I do it again - umm yep. I learnt a lot along the way and am sure that a spray job can be done in several weeks rather than several months. Regards Biker
  6. Well the stripes are on the and car is buffed back. In all and given that it is my first spray job, it did not turn out half bad. I went with a GM pearlescent green as the base colour. Biker
  7. Can anyone post a close up of how their door seals sit or tell us how they mount. Have received new door seals but the old ones were a botch job (just insertion rubber glued on) and every way that I try to put them on looks right but I am unable to close the door as the seal fouls on it. Thanks Biker
  8. Thats the one - I knew it sounded like a chocolate bar. I went ahead with the stripes on the paint job - am I happy - umm not sure. They look okay but not the exactly the way I would have liked them which is much the same as the blue Z in earlier posts. Yet to finish the whole job which is about two weeks away. Then maybe its just that I am not happy unless I have something to whinge about. Will post pics and let you be the judge Regards Biker
  9. Thanks Bob That was my understanding. However, I have never worked with pearlescent paint and not sure if the same rule applied.
  10. I know it is advisable to sand between coats with solid colours and the clear laquer but does this apply for pearlesant paints as well. I have heard and read that some people do not sand metallic paints but only sand the clear lacquer. I have just resprayed my car with a Green Mica but am not sure when to sand. Do I sand the paint back now before I apply the final coat of green?
  11. There are some good ideas to be had. I like the silver Zed with the maroon stripes which really sets it off but i am not sure if I am game enough to take that on. Worth a second though from the Camaro stripes though. Will load the pics of how it is going. Whilst i am not out to impress anyone, I still like the "hey that looks like a smart Zed". It might be my car but who wants to drive around in something that looks shoddy and stands out as "a junky Datsun". Thanks for the help guys biker
  12. Thanks guys - you are all correct regarding "if you like it do it" opinion. Personally I like them but once they are on it would be expensive to turn back and fix the problem hence I was looking for some consensus or "dont be an idiot" opinions. The pics provided by KTM is exactly the look I was hoping to achieve (without the flares though). That car looks great. I am leaning towards the stripes. Correction - the car museum I went to was in Reno and not Sacramento. Got it confused with all the old stars cars such as Al Jolson, John Wayne, etc. The museum is sponsored by some Casino owner but cannot recall the name. Thanks again
  13. I am currently applying last coats of undercoat to my 1973 Zed and will be moving to colour in the next week. I am painting the car Metallic Green (or similar) but am tossing up whether to apply striping to the bonnet roof and hatch lid along the same vein as the GT40 e.g two thick stripes. The stripes colour I was considering was a metallic silver. When I ask the missus of her opinion i get a shrug and "whatever you think" reply. I always thought that the car was "too green" and neede something to break it up (will also assist finding it when I park it on the lawn).:laugh: So I turn to the experts (you) and would greatfully appreciate all criticism and encouragement on which is the best way to go. Any links to photos of cars with similar striping would be also appreciated. PS - Recently went to the Car Museum in Sacramento California - great place with some really great cars. Thanks Biker
  14. Thanks for the tip on the new location. Biker
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