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Got one at last!


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Well, it had to happen sooner or later and as it turned out...much later... I've finally bought a Z! <long sigh>

The car is presently in Victoria and will be coming to its new home in Western Australia as soon as a few logistical details are sorted out. It is a '73 with original engine/g'box, original tan and black interior and original (roughish) exterior. Yes, it means doing what I said I wouldn't do and starting a restoration project... but its worth it!

Many thanks to my spy (NickF) for turning up a little gem in his own neighborhood!


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Thanks for all your good wishes guys, I have uploaded a small selection of photos. Note that none of these are artistic as they were taken to highlight any problem areas on the car befrore I viewed it in person (thanks Nick!)

The car is very straight and has no apparent rust in the chassis, floors, hatch, engine bay. The photos show significant rust in the driver's door and there is also rust (less heinous in appearance) in the sills. The paint looks great in the sunshine but has chips and dings that have been collected over the 15 years since its last trip to the bodyshop.

Interestingly, it is a very high number for a 240z (HS30-103477) and has 'UK-style' indicators mounted on the front bumper and a MPH speedo... was this car originally intended for the United Kingdom?

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It seems that you may now hold the title of owning the "latest body # Aussie 240Z". Your car body # is over 100 later than my '73.

The indicators on the bumper is standard for the '73, in all other respecs it looks the same as a '72.

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Only thing that stood out to me was the bonnet check your gallery for the comment.

I only bring this up because I know Bonnets are difficult to find in good condition.

The good news is you can still get them new apparently at a price around $600 though.

I think I'll end up forking out $600 for a good non vented bonnet. :cry:

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Interior is all there but:

dash is well cracked,

carpets tatty,

console also cracked,

base of driver's seat is an explosion of vinyl and foam

...all repairable...after the body is done. I'd rather walk up to nice car and sit in a tatty one than the other way around!

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Nice to see you finally got a car!! Hooray! I thought it was never going to happen! LOL

Anyway, just thought I'd follow that "last of the 240's" body number comment by checking mine..


Build date 10/73


Red Interior

Auto - now a manual.

Has indicators mounted on the bumper and has a kph speedo.

Does this make mine one of the very last 240's here??

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