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top less in canada

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Awesome! She looks like a real beauty, but I'm sure being in Canada means it's only a Summer car hehe

Have you got a roof for her?

Do you think you could get some more close up pictures - I'm particularly interested in how the rear 1/4 has turned out ... I'm sure the little hump over the wheel would look fantastic!

It's just a pity Datsun didn't make any real ones :(

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Looks GREAT!!! Did use use a kit or did you do this yourself?? I have been planning on doing this for years, just never had a spare car. Now I've got the car to do it and have been seriously considering the kit from www.reactionresearch.com which is the old Origin Design kit with the working trunk lid.

I'm not the greatest when it comes to body work so I'm a little leary of trying to do it myself.

If anyone wants to look at the kit I'm referring to just go to www.reactionresearch.com then click on automotive. I tried to use the link but the page wouldn't open without going to their homepage. This is VR Engineering the same ones who do the Subtle Z and the Velo Rossa Spyder body kits.

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Scott Bruning's old video used to have a segment on making a convertible. He sold plans that used a Triumph retractable top. TR7 I believe. If I remember correctly, his plans also included the use of the hatch (cut down of course) as a trunk lid.

There used to be a guy here in San Antonio that had 2-'77 model 280z's that were convertible. He said he had bought one for him and one for his wife from an outfit in Washington state that was running a production of them back in the late 70's/early 80's. The company supposedly went under. He eventually sold one (kids) and still had the other. His had a cloth top and a hard top (don't know from where) and a working trunk lid w/ luggage rack.

Only problem he encountered with the car was with the insurance company. He had been hit by someone in the front and the insurance was going to total the car. "It's only a 77 model 280," they said. He had to give them paperwork on how rare such a car is before they would settle.

Food for thought....

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I've already been thru the insurance hassle with my 71 just putting it on the road. I guess it might be time to go with one of the collectors car insurance companies that will insure it for an agreed upon value.

I haven't seen Scott's video, I knew about it from an article in the old Sport Z magazine though. My metal working abilities might be a little too primitive for that.

The kit from VR gives you a choice of two folding convertible tops (both are pretty expensive) or a removable fiberglass hardtop. I don't plan on driving the car except on sunny days so if I do one I'll save the money for a top and put it into a better paint job or something. There were two 280's on ebay before Christmas being sold by the same guy in LA, both were the original Origin Design kits, if I hadn't been un-employed at the time I would have bid on the red one. I saved the picture for my wallpaper just to torture myself, that is until I got a scanner and could put a picture of my own car in.

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Once I get my current project finished, then I plan on starting a convertible project next. This would be the car I build for my wife. She loves convertible and really misses her Fiat X1/9. If I build the Z, then I can convert her......

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my pun was a little vague wasn't it?

Actually her Dad is an ex-Sheriff's Deputy that used to use his 78 280Z as a patrol car once in awhile. He likes to brag about how he beat a Dodge cruiser to a scene once from being 4 miles farther away!

now if I can just get her to let me race....


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I'm not going there, I talked my fiancee into letting me race back in 89. You don't want to know what I went through after that!

Get her in a Z first, then maybe she'll let you have another toy.

BTW. I got rid of the fiancee, now have the old race car. Can't do much with the car if you catch my drift. So I went out and bought 3 more cars, one is another IT car that was wrecked. Now I have more cars than I know what to do with! Now just got to find a better female that will let me have my toys. I don't know if it's possible to have one with the other. Good luck!

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im glad you guys like my car. its not a kit. its all made with zcar

metal. exept the 1/4 panel side pieces which were made out of a

1981 pontiac hood. i skinned the rear hatch with a 2+2 280z

roof. i have another 280z i want to cut the roof off and my friend wants me to put 472 cadillac eldorado engine in it. to many cars not enough time.

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