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How big is it? Attach it to a reply in this forum and I'll size it down for you.

Or, just bring it into a graphic design program like Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or Fireworks. Those programs will let you resize the image.

Or hell.. even better. Graphics Workshop Professional is a shareware package that can resize with the click of your right mouse button.

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Hi ZmeFLY,

I have the same problem. I don't understand how to attach an image.

The only way i can show a pic is to link to it.

Mike - Pls explain how the attach button works in a post. i thought it was simple until i tried it :( . I have pics to post!


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Don't feel bad 240z I've been trying for a week to post a pic and no matter what I do I can't get the resolution down small enough. I guess that's what I get for using a scanner, one of these days I'll have all these high tech gadgets for my computer, just before they are all outdated!!

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That made me laugh ROFL

I am so like that. My mobile is the size of a brick. My computer is a classic and I still play vinyl records! I did have an abacus but now have upgraded to a calculator.

Glad to hear someone else is like me :)

Here's hoping someone can help us out.

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Hey guys...

I set up a requirement that pictures must be smaller than 640x480 in resolution. It sounds like that isn't working right.

I'm going to disable that right now. Try to post your picts again.

UPDATE: Okay, this is done. Post your picts. Do a little test for me to confirm that this works now... thanks.

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Well, I got one of two in Mike. I think I forgot to re-format the pic of the 280. I'll work on that when I get back from Philadelphia(ugh) later today.

The 240 pic I re-formatted but I think I comprssed the file down too much trying to post it before so maybe I can get a little better one in later. Thanks for helping us "wannabe's" out!!

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