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Euro Distributor


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I am curious what the difference is between the distributor used for Euro, AU , home markets and the US import - smog distributor. I have experience with Mallory aftermarket distributors and enjoy the dual point version, now. What makes this part a Euro version?


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The "euro" distributor has a quicker advance curve than the US distributors. It probably doesn't make that noticeable a difference with a stock engine, but could work well with a modified one with a non-stock cam and carbs such as triples.

As far as dual points.. well....:sick: twice as much trouble for no appreciable gains.....

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Thanks - that's just what I wanted to know.

The dual point left me on the side of the road once, but probably because it is worn out. It gave me flawless service for years and made tune-ups just that much more fun!:sick:

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