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Looking for nice wheels


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I'm looking for a set of nice wheels for my recently acquired 280z 2+2. I'm in the Portland area and will travel as far as Seattle to pick them up.

Post pics! I like wide and agressive. But, something that won't give me too many problems with rubbing.

Here's the car that I'm going to use them for:


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I tried to e-mail you a picture of my ITS car but couldn't. I have a set of American Racing Type 23 14x7's on it. They are relatively cheap (you can get them most anywhere) and they look pretty good on a Z. Have you ever seen the Z Racing (yes, that is the brand name) wheels sold at Sears? They have one that looks quite a bit like the AR's I have, and the neat part is they have a big Z on the center cap. New they run 100 each or less. Just a thought.

I believe you can get the Americans like mine from Summit Racing or any one who sells American Racing wheels. BTW they have zero offset, so you can fit 205/50's without rubbing.

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Actually, I have seen the Z-racing wheels at Sears. We were in that store last weekend and my brother commented about how they would look on a Z. Especially with the Z emblem!

Not a bad price. I'm a little sticker shocked right now about wheels/tires. I had to buy a set for my truck. Centerline rims are around $200 a pop!! But, I just *HAD* to get 'em. :)

Truck was in dire need. I was running the Firestones and they were dangerously used. Little did I know that I had to buy new wheels to go with bigger tires. Skinny wheels on a big tire just doesn't work.

Anyway, thanks for the info... I'll take a look at the Z racing wheels at Sears.

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I've seen the Z Racing (brand) wheels. They have them at Sears and NTB. I'd really like to get the Tuner X series ($89/ea), but their catalog basically says that none of their wheels will fit a Z.

They have some specs listed for the wheels, like bolt pattern spacing, offset, etc. Anybody know what I should be looking for spec-wide when shopping for aftermarket wheels? What offset should I focus on? How close can I get without having to go to spacers? Any ideas? I think these wheels would look great on my car. Just need a little more info.

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I've got a question maybe someone can answer.

Why the hell are Panasports so expensive? Do they use a higher quality alloy similar to the Centerlines? I understand that the Centerline rims are stronger, better built, better balanced, and set up for high-speed and high-strength applications.

Are the Panasports used for racing or what's the deal?

Or, are they a custom wheel built by hand by street vendors ?

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kmack, your question first. I have had no problems running 14x7 or 15x7 with zero offset. You might be able to get a way with a little more but it would be cutting it close. I have seen some wheels rub the ball joint with 14x7 zero offset, but that seems to be the brand or wheel ( something about the shoulder of the rim), I have a pile of rims here that are 14x7 zero offset and have run 205/60-14's and now they are making 225/50-14's and they will fit. If you go to 15's be careful with more negative offset, you will get close to the spring.

Mike, I don't know why Panasports are so expensive but compared to some other brands (Revolutions, Monoquoque to name a couple) their prices are right in line. They are a light wheel for sure, and they are just about as strong as anything out there. They have a lighter wheel for racing too. I got my 15x7's for around 250 ea. so compared to some of the others they really aren't expensive when compared to the rest. The Minilites look just like them, but I haven't seen the prices on them in a while. I've seen some of the billet wheels go for a lot more, and some of them are just plain strange looking.

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These are brand new as I sold my 260Z with out installing them, they are 14" low profiles, BF Goodrich T/A's on new American Racing chrome mags, new center caps too and triple chrome lug nuts. I paid $600.00 with mounting and balancing but you can have em for $400.00 and thats a set of 4, plus shipping from Madison Wisconsin.

e-mail me at ; mkingsland@jvlnet.com


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