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Changing Flats To Round?


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As a new 73 Z owner, I am wondering if you change carbs from the flats to the round: do you need an adapter plate, or new intake manifold: or perhaps they just bolt up.

sorry for my ingnorance on this, but would like to know before I invest any $.

thanks for any input.


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They will bolt right on with no trouble. All you need to do is make sure you get all the linkage that goes with the round tops to swap over as there are differences in the linkage between the flat tops and round tops.

Only other thing is to get the proper air cleaner if you are going to use the stock type air cleaner, if you plan on K&N's or something like that, don't worry with it.

If you end up buying a complete intake and linkage with the round tops still mounted, you can save yourself some time and just swap the complete intake over, save you a little time and aggravation with the linkages etc....

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Back in 1991, I converted my 73 from flats to rounds and was able to use my stock air cleaner. Motorsport Auto use to sell an adapter kit. From what I remember it consisted mainly of a plate with shallow flat screws that attached to each SU allowing you to screw on the stock air cleaner.

I did a quick scan of their catalog and couldn’t find it. Maybe a call or email to inquire if they still carry the adapter might be worth it.

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I do beleive Ztherapy is still making and selling the tuna~can~to~round~top air cleaner adapters

Quoted without permission from their web site -

Adapter plates, 260Z air cleaner to 240Z carbs

CNC milled, all studs, nyloc nuts, countersunk metric bolts, tool. For street driving only. Hot Z cars must also buy ROUND air horns to install in 260Z air cleaner.


End quote from ztherapy web page

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