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Is my throw out bearing correct?


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That's a performance clutch disc.  Puck-style, probably ceramic, not Nissan.  Typically they have high pedal pressure and a narrow engagement range.  Grabby.  The pressure plate has hot spots on it too, not good for smooth engagement either.  Also, sometimes a sign that it was grabby.  More slippage required to get going.

You cam measure the diameter of the friction surface to see if you have an 8 3/4"  or 9 1/2" (225mm or 240mm) flywheel.  The flywheel has turning marks on it, so it might be fine.  Clean it up a little and see hwo it looks.  It has rust but that's not a big deal.  I think that part number is internal to the clutch company and might not show that it's a 240SX clutch.  Best to measure.

You're at the gambling stage now.  Odds are it will work but might not be fun to drive.

Anyway, somebody has definitely been there, with performance plans.  Who knows if they got things right.  Good luck.

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Cleaned up the fluwheel with some scotch brite. Does that look good enough to reuse? I don’t feel any major surface irregularities…


I’ll probably just end up ordering a new pressure plate and clutch setup for the reasons you mentioned. And also, I’m no clutch expert, but there doesn’t appear to be a whole lot of friction material left on this clutch. Maybe someone can chime in and confirm…


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Run your fingernail over the transition from the machining marks to the smooth wear surface.  See if there's a ridge.  The flywheel has seen some use.  You can also put a straightedge on the surface and shine a light fror the other side to see if there's wear.

A machine shop could regrind it for less than a new flywheel.  Might be worth doing if it's a 225mm.  One downside to the 240mm is it's heavier.  Makes the engine slow to respond.  Some guys like the lightweight flywheels, they make the engine peppier.

At least you know more about what you have now.  Might have avoided some aggravation.  Don't forget to check your pilot bushing in the end of the crankshaft.  Might as well replace it, they're cheap and it's easy to do.

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Oh yeah, here’s the measurement. About 12 inch total diameter of the flywheel. But the portion where the clutch actually rides has a diameter of about 9 inches, which maybe translates to the 225mm you mentioned?



Did the fingernail test you mentioned. Almost no ridge. Barely can tell.

Also Placed a straight edge on it and shined a light from behind. Very little light passing through.

And yes, only one locating dowel. 🫤 not suprised given the hodgepodge nature of the car.

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I'd guess the flywheel is fine.  Get the locating dowels (if they're not broken off) and tap them in.  They're important.

I had a Perfection clutch and it chattered and had high pedal pressure.  Did not like it.  But it looks like it's the only one that comes with the sleeve, on Rockauto.  Looks like your travails might just be starting.  You can buy the sleeves separately but without a measurement you don't know which one you need.

You could probably just replace the disc with an organic one and might be fine.  Or just throw it all together and hope.  Choices!

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How do you know the release bearing is on the right way. If it were reversed it wouldn't be cutting those grooves into the pressure plate fingers. I'm not totally sure it's backwards but if it were reversed it would work the way you expect it to I believe.

Also the pressure plate and flywheel look to have been hot at some point. I wouldn't run either of those if it was me. I would surface the flywheel or go to a lighter unit and replace the clutch entirely. It's a lot of work to get there again and the parts aren't crazy expensive.

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