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240 Differentials

Richard McDonel

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The 240’s should all be R180s. 
The R200 came in the 280 and most 280zx. There were some zx that did get the R180’s though. I have a chart at home I can share if someone else doesn’t by the time I get home. 

(This would be for US spec cars)

Lots of people put the R200 in the 240’s as well as some Subaru R160/R180’s


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5 hours ago, Richard McDonel said:

Mixing and matching parts from three not-nice 240s

The diffs are probably all the same if they are as they left the factory.  But the mounting hardware could be different.  The very early 240Z's had the differential mounted forward by a small amount, about an inch and a half I think.  It caused vibration so they moved it back.  So the mustache bar and the differential mount are different along with a shorter propeller shaft.

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If you post pictures of the three you have and what your goal is perhaps we can assist further. 

@Zed Head detailed out a few of the needed changes that may be required. 

There is different gearing, different half shaft stubs and/or CV axles,  different mounting, different snubbers (strap or RT style) Open / LSD etc......

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