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Hazard Warning Switch Removal


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I have a 73 240Z restoration project underway.  I'm currently trying to install a dash overlay. To do so I have to remove the hazard warning switch knob.  It's  one of the green pull switches.  This may sound stupid, but I can't figure out how to get the knob off.  I tried pulling, unscrewing, looking for a set screw, looking for a release button on the back.  Nothing.  It can't come out the back with the knob on.  I'm afraid it I pull any harder I'll break it.  Any suggestions?

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Turn the knob all the way counter clockwise, gently until it stops. The push it in towards the dash and turn another 1/4 turn (or so) counterclockwise it will come off then. There is a washer like piece on the end  and a spring inside. 

I have one i can show pic's of if you have any trouble. 


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