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XTD clutch bolt alignment

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Good evening,


trying to install this XTD clutch. 6 of 9 bolts line up.  Is this normal for after market pressure plates or is this a part that needs all 9 bolts.


I’ve tried researching the part number and haven’t found anything relating to it or if it is for Datsun Zs.






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Posted (edited)

225mm Z clutches use 6 bolts, 240mm clutches use 9. What is the diameter of the friction surface on that flywheel? Is it stock?

Can’t say I’ve ever tried to put a 225mm pressure plate on a 240mm flywheel to see what bolts line up.   Should go do that

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what was the clutch sold as for? 

I have a XTD RB25 clutch and flywheel in my Z and the bolts and dowels only line up in one position. (i. e. no rotational symmetry). 


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you'll need a new clutch release collar to match the clutch (assuming your old clutch is 225mm) 

might be better off getting a 240mm flywheel too. 

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