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Parts for Sale: 240Z Combo Switches


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240Z Combo Switches

This is a matched set of steering column switches, removed from VIN #1818 – a 02/70 build date car. According to the online parts catalog, the light switch is P/N 25160-E4600 and the turn signal switch is P/N 25540-E4600. These switches will likely fit all 1969 – 1971 LHD models thru build date 08/71.

The switches have been extensively refurbished. The light switch was completely disassembled and cleaned. All contacts burnished, treated with dielectric grease, and continuity tested to verify functionality. The plastic control stalk has been polished to a like-new finish, all symbols are fresh and clear. The wiring harness is in perfect condition as are the terminals and connector.

The turn signal switch was disassembled and cleaned. Contacts for the turn signal function were burnished, treated with dielectric grease, and continuity tested. The high/low beam switch was not disassembled. The plastic case on these units is extremely fragile and usually breaks with any handling. The switch has been tested for full 12V functionality. The wiring harness is in perfect condition, the same for the terminals and connectors. The lever arm has a fresh coat of satin black.

The two switch set is $450 which includes standard domestic shipping. International shipping is available at actual cost. Payment via PayPal. PM if interested, thanks.

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