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Suspension / Steering rebuid (parts needed)

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Hi Guys,

So my next big project is cleaning and rebuilding suspension steering. Everything from shocks (I assume springs just need blasting...) bushing, tie rods. Does 280z have a rack in the front?

I am not looking for anything expensive and trying to stay close to OEM specs so not looking for super expensive rebuild kit.

I have also heard that rubber is better than polyuth as i don't drive aggressive.

Would appreciate you guys sharing details what you have done and where/what to buy.

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The rubber bushings in your suspension and steering provide compliance - the ability to absorb shocks transmitted from the road. Going to polyurethane or similar materials eliminates the compliance benefit and allows road shocks to be carried directly into the body and steering wheel. That also allows a lot more noise into the cabin. Poly is great for a track car, not so much for a driver street car. And... yes your car has a steering rack. As for replacement shocks, KYB makes a great shock with stock-like qualities.

Look up your suspension bushing part numbers on the online catalog and see if any are still available from your Nissan dealer. Then got to Rockauto and try to fill in the gaps. It is difficult to impossible to get OE rubber bushings for most steering racks - pretty much unicorns, so it is a good chance poly will be your only option there. If you come across any Beck-Arnley rubber bushings, grab them as they are an excellent product.

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A lot of NOS suspension parts can be found on EBay under the Lazorlite label. They are parts from the Nissan suppliers just with a different name on the box, sometimes they even have the same Nissan part number.

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