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brake pedal still going low to the ground


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just had my brakes bled and i do know that there is no brake fluid leaking and the brake pedal goes pretty low to the ground before it starts to work.... a mechanic told me it could be that someone changed the brake pads with out machining the rotors and that that may cause spongy feel in the pedal.....

what else could it be? do i need a new brake master cylinder?

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Does it make a sound like air leaking or somthing? You could need a new brake booster.

MY 280z had the brake pedal adjustment nut loose and when i pressed them they would go too low but when i saw the brake lights stay on i knew it was the adjustment and I tightened it.

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Originally posted by Downfall

got the rear brakes adjusted as well. it made an improvement in the braking but not the pedal height. but the brakes are still not that good as they should be.

Have you replaced/upgraded either a master cylinder or a booster lately? If so, your push rod found in the booster could be out of adjustment. You can adjust the length of the push rod and change the pedal height. But, be very careful there! I would strongly recommend to read the Nissan manual first before dealing with that push rod. Adjusting the rod too far out will cause brakes to drag or lock up while driving. Another caution that there is a small rubber seal called "reaction disc" set right behind the push rod. This disc can easily fall inside the booster while working on the push rod. If this accident happens, you will see a new deep problem which I just gone thru... Hope this helps.

Tak 72

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