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Parts Wanted: Series 1 Drivers side door hinge set?


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Series 1 Drivers side door hinge set?

Looking for a drives side door hinge set for a series one 240z. I am looking for a new one that can be refurbished, or  one that has been refurbished?

Not sure what is out there, but thought i would see if anyone had a used one or if you know if I am dreaming? My current hinge is missing the spring, and has play in it. I do see later model hinges available, but would like to keep it original if possible?
Let me know and I appreciate any advice




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Great pictures

Yes, the one I have is the picture on the right. I am not sure there is a difference between the upper hinge on the new style vs old.

I would love to get a set of upper and lower for the drivers side. However, I would purchase both sides if that is easier. I have see the rebuild kits and have found a few companies that do that kind of work, but need to find a donor set. My driver side is not rusted out but is missing a few parts.

I have a little of the typical sag, but the door still works ;-0

IF anyone know of a set for the drivers or a complete set, let me know.


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